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Jesse Lee Parker - Instructor

Hello my friends my name is Jesse Lee Parker and I am so happy you have found your way to my website - you probably have read my profile on the other pages, and know that I have been a lifelong student of the Taoist Arts -  I have spent the past 9 years teaching Taoist Practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi and Inner Alchemy Meditation here in Japan.  Many people often ask me why am I living in Japan - well, the answer is simple - I love it here.  Japan is such a mystical place of ancient beauty and pristine nature - and it has become the place I call home.

 Now I wish to open our home studio to a select few - we invite you to come practice with us - and experience life in the amazing beautiful area of Kamakura, Japan.  If you are not able to journey to Japan, and wish to train with us - please join our online lessons - with our - Living Tao - LIVE Program-  We look forward to seeing you soon, and please feel free to contact us with any questions...  

Sincerely, Jesse Lee Parker


Japan - land of Ancient Mystery

The Dragon Isle - Japan - a place shrouded in legend and mystery - which calls us to imagine ancient days, of pristine nature, colourful shrines, and hidden Zen temples.    Modern day Japan is a colourful place and a diverse culture has formed which intertwines spirituality, shamanism, ritual and mysticism into the everyday life.  Japan in short - is truly an amazing contrast of the modern and the ancient living side by side - in an amazing fusion like no where else.  Japan is the location of our physical studio - One Cloud -  which is located in the pristine natural area of Kamakura.  This has been our hidden oasis, and we wish to now open up the rare opportunity for you to come and visit us in person, training in the Way of Taoist Qigong, Longevity Breathwork and Inner Alchemy Meditation in the pristine Natural Wonderland of Kamakura, Japan...

Come experience the magic and mystery of the Dragon Isle with us - the place we call home -  Live the Dream - 


In my Life, when I was under apprenticeship, learning the Way of Taoist Meditation and Qigong, I at times would dream of having a home studio, to practice, train and teach out of.  Our dream has become a reality - in the hills of Kamakura, next to the Giant Buddha of Hase, we have founded our Studio - One Cloud  - a wonderful retreat place, nestled against the quiet slopes of Kamakura Mountain - we have a wonderful space with a tatami grass mat meditation room, a hard wood floor practice area, and a secluded treatment room for Massage Therapy and Energy Healing Sessions.  The numerous temples, shrines, mountain trails and the scenic Shonan coastline are all within walking distance.  Truly a perfect location to transmit the Ancient Wisdom of the Taoist Arts.  Come and Experience the Way of Taoist Qigong, Longevity Breathwork and Inner Alchemy Meditation with us - we look forward to seeing you soon.


Learn the Way of Health & Inner Energy

Health is one of the greatest treasures we may have in this life. Truly, Health is Wealth.   Your Health, Healing and Vitality all come down to one basic Foundation Principle - the quality and balance of your Inner Energy.  The Taoist School has for thousands of years, focused on refining and developing the Way of Energy Development.  In our training in Japan, or with our Living Tao - LIVE - Online Lessons, we will guide you to learn a systematic approach to Inner Harmony, Energy Cultivation, Rejuvenation and the Way of Life Transformation.


Taoist Qigong - Ancient Art of Harmony & Longevity

Taoist Qigong is an ancient art of mind-body harmony - Its practice spans over 3,000 years of continuous development and refinement in China, and include in-depth methods of health cultivation, self-healing and also spiritual development.  Taoist Tao Yin Methods are the ancient precursor to the modern arts we see now such as Qigong, Internal Martial Arts and Nei Gong.  We share these ancient methods of Taoist Tao Yin in addition to our Qigong lessons.  Taoist Qigong cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner; Qi Energy is developed first through simple breathing exercises, stretching, gentle movements and meditation training.   

Life Transformation & the Way of Self Healing

In modern times, we face so many challenges, tensions and stress from daily life - often times many become overwhelmed, and as a result suffer physical, mental and emotional imbalance.  Taoist Qigong is a wonderful Life Science which addresses all aspects of ourselves, and brings one back to a profound state of balance and inner harmony.  This state of Harmony the Taoist often termed, 'Returning to Childhood' - through practice, we may journey back to the Child like State of Health, Happiness and Vitality.             

TAO Foundation Training

The training and development of Qi Energy is such a very important focus in the Immortal Arts Method - by learning the Way to Practice with  Qi Energy, one may come to deeply understand the Practice Methods of Qigong, Taoist Meditation, and Nei Gong.  Through working with your Qi Energy, you will understand more about life and the special relationship we share with nature, life and the Universe.

In our TAO Foundation Training Course - we will explore and learn the Golden Lotus Neigong Form to transform and cultivate our Body, our Vitality and also deeply develop and experience our Qi Energy.

The Golden Lotus Form is such an amazing and complete method of practice, it brings one so many wonderful experiences and benefits through regular practice.

The Golden Lotus Form training includes balanced movement, systematic stretching and transformation of the tendon & fascia system, strength building, the holding of static poses, mudra and hand postures to develop and activate the Healing Qi Energy. The stretches and poses used in the Golden Lotus Form are very unique, as they will develop and open the Energy Meridian System, so the Qi Energy can flow and move in a balanced harmony within the body system. It is a complete and amazing system of practice and we are so happy to share it with you.

TAO Foundation Training

During our time training together in Japan, or with our Online Classes - we will learn and explore the following aspects of the Immortal Arts Method :

1. Golden Lotus Form - A Seated Taoist Neigong form which is composed of 7 unique sections  - which systematically trains the entire body through use of Taoist Mudra, Breathwork, Static Poses and Gentle Stretches for Developing Healing Energy.   The Golden Lotus Form will Awaken the Dantian Center, Transform the Tendon & Fascia networks, Open the Joints, and Open the Energy Channels - bringing one to a state of Vital Health, Inner Peace, and Physical Transformation.

2. Natural Breath Training - we teach a progressive Taoist Breath Work method to regain the Original Breathing Pattern experienced in Childhood.  These methods work to transform the negative emotion, calm the mind and return one to a calm, centered and pure heart state.

3. Dantian Breath Training - Taoist Breath Work to activate the Core Energetic Center and Develop Inner Healing Energy. Returns one back to the state of Increased Vitality - Regaining a more Youthful State

4. Five Energy Gate Breath Training - Taoist Breath Work - which activates and open the 5 Energetic Gates of the Body, connects one to Nature and Universal Energy, and draws this healing energy into our meridian system to regain inner energy, and experience a Union with Nature and Harmony with the Seasonal Cycles.

5. Swimming Dragon Form - Taoist Movement Form - which will  balance Yin/Yang Energy in the Body, harmonise the energy channels, balance the Energy Centers, harmonise the endocrine system, open the spinal cord, relax the nervous system and bring one into a deep state of relaxation.

Energy Body

The study and exploration of the Energetic Body is a key theme and concept in the Immortal Arts System.  The teachings of the Energy Body has been an oral tradition in most of the different Wisdom Traditions, and as a result, often we find incomplete teachings in modern times.  We have created a unique teaching method, to give one a clear understanding on the Energetic System, and its relation to the Physical Practice and Technique.

Training Manuals

During our period of teaching in Japan for over 9 years, we have organised and compiled a wide variety of our teachings in print form, and all of this has been put into our manuals with a lot of love.  Diagrams of the Energetic Body, Taoist Theory, Philosophy, and the Principles of Taoist Cosmology. We have taken the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Path, and organised the teachings in a modern way, to shed light, wisdom and clear understanding.

Tao Life Journal

A key part of our Training Manual is the activity of daily journal writing and contemplation.  We have compiled key sections from Taoist Philosophy to stimulate contemplation and self reflection - which will help to inspire your reflective journal writing.   Journal writing is very important as we develop the ability of 'Self Observation', and 'Self Reflection' - which are very important skills as we begin to gain deeper awareness of our Inner Self. 



Cleanse the Heart and Empty the Mind...

When one Stills the Mind all things shall be in harmony and balance...

By following the principle of Tao’s Natural Way,
all things can be done in a perfect manner.

                                     ~ Lao Tzu




Kamakura鎌倉 -  is a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, less than an hour south of Tokyo. Our hidden studio - One Cloud - is hidden away in the hills of this amazing coastal town.  The town of Kamakura  was an ancient political center of Japan, and also was a very important Spiritual Center for Shintoism, Buddhism, and an important site of the development of Zen Buddhism during the 12th Century.  During your study with us at One Cloud Studio in Kamakura, we will take trips to the wonderful temples, nature areas and sacred sites together.  Please check the details below of some of the Sacred Sites in Kamakura that we will visit together during your stay with us.


Kamakura - Ancient Sacred Sites

Jōchi-ji - Zen temple

Kinpōzan Jōchi-ji is a Buddhist Zen temple in Kita-Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It belongs to the Engaku-ji school of the Rinzai sect and is ranked fourth among Kamakura's Five Mountains. The main objects of worship are the three statues of Shaka, Miroku and Amida Nyorai visible inside the main hall. The temple was founded in 1283 by Hōjō Munemasa (1253–1281)

Big Buddha - Daibutsu

Kōtoku-in is a Jōdo-shū Buddhist temple in the city of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The temple is renowned for its "Great Buddha" (大仏 Daibutsu), a monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha, which is one of the most famous icons of Japan. It is also a designated National Treasure, and one of the twenty-two historic sites being proposed for inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

Zeniarai Benten - Shrine

Zeniarai Benten, is a Shinto shrine in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. In spite of its small size, it is the second most popular spot in Kamakura  prefecture after Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū. This 800-year-old shrine is unusual as it is  completely surrounded by high rock walls. Totally invisible from the outside, Zeniarai Benzaiten can be reached only through a tunnel and a narrow trail on its rear.

Taoist Qigong with Jesse has changed & transformed my life....!

As I have been practicing Taoist Qigong with Jesse I have became so healthy, HAPPY and feel so good. I feel refreshed, full of energy and connected to nature as I practice the Way of Qigong - it has been many years of practice now and I will continue for the rest of my life....

- I am so thankful for this practice - 

I hope that more and more people can experience the Way of Taoist Practice and Qigong with Teacher Jesse..!

Maki - Japan


Please check below to learn about the Good Morning Tao Program and how to register...


We have designed a truly amazing in-depth course that will give you a complete  Life Transforming Practice - this course is available at no extra cost to all our Teacher Training Students.  You will have access to:

  • 5 Unique Taoist Yoga Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by following the Path of the 5 Gates of Change.  
  • 8 Video Lectures on the subjects of Taoist Yoga, Energy Development, Self Healing, Taoist Philosophy, and the Way of the 5 Gates of Change.     
  • BONUS - in depth video lecture, where I explain how I learned this special practice, and the complete form training on the method of Opening the 5 Energy Gates - plus 5 Element Meridian stretching - truly a beautiful sequence 
  • Detailed PDF workbook, containing a 90 page outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga, Diagrams of Meridians and the Energy Body, including Taoist Theory and Philosophy.    
  • All of this is available on our beautiful, easy to use, cutting edge Online Learning Center.  

Would you like to discover a wonderful Healing Secret..?

Secrets of Longevity from the Ancient Masters...

  • TAO Foundation Training and Kamakura Retreat  - during our time together we will introduce many wonderful aspects of Health Cultivation, Healing, and Energy Development from the Taoist School through learning the Way of Qigong, Taoist Yoga and Inner Alchemy Meditation.
  • Taoist Longevity Breathing - Breath is Life.  Taoist Breath Training will develop Inner Energy, reduce stress and bring you to a State of Inner Peace. In our TAO Foundation Training Program and Kamakura Retreat, we will guide you through the unique and rare - 5 Stages of Taoist Longevity Breath Training  -  Returning you to a youthful inner feeling of health, healing and an abundance of vital energy.  
  • The Way of Inner Energy - so much of modern life is full of competition, stress and strife - this often leads us to self judgement, inner tension, negative emotions and a lack of balance. In our TAO Foundation Training Program and Kamakura Retreat, we will teach a very unique method of Developing Inner Energy, which will bring your body, mind and spirit to a profound state of balance - helping you to Revitalise, Refresh and Regain your Youthful, Vibrant State once again.

Taoist Yoga - Way of Health and Healing

Opening the Energy Gates

In the Arts of Taoist Yoga and Qigong we are taught one aspect of the Energy Body which are termed the 'Energy Gates'. The Energy Gates are the places where meridians connect in the body, and move from one area to another - for example for energy to pass from the arm into the torso, the meridians must pass through the Energy Gate located in the Shoulder Joint. Energy Gates are usually located in the major joint spaces - or more specifically in the 'Empty Space' between the bones of a joint. The Energy Gates often become blocked, and this causes stagnant energy, stiffness, pain and limits the movment of Energy through the Meridian system.

Our Tao Foundation Training Program will teach you the Golden Lotus Form which uses specialised movement and stretches to physically open these areas so that the Energy may run smoothly through the whole system. Opening the Energy Gates is a very special aspect of Taoist Yoga Training.

When our Energy can run smoothly - with no blockage in the Energy Gates - we gain Vital Health, Healing, have MORE Energy, feel young & full of natural joy in life.  Come and Join Training with us and experience a wonderful Kamakura Retreat. Learning Taoist Yoga, Qigong and Inner Energy Development with Jesse Lee Parker will truly transform your life...

 We would love to hear from you...

Contact us by email if you have any questions about our Teacher Training and in person Kamakura Retreat Training - 

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In harmony with Tao, the sky is clear and spacious. the earth is solid and full, all creatures flourish together in harmony.

Return is the movement of the Tao.

Yielding is the way of the Tao.

One who is in harmony with Tao is like a newborn child...  soft and flexible; full of vital power.

complete in its harmony.

~ Lao Tzu


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