From the mists of time, mankind has been exploring what it means to be a human being in this world and how we can reach our greatest potential as individuals and as a collective.

Among the most Ancient of those Inquiries of Self, we may find the Taoist Tradition. For thousands of years, those who practiced the Great Way of Tao in the high mountains of China, have gained a Profound Wisdom through practicing Inner Alchemy Meditation, Cultivating Universal Energy, and observing the ever changing Cycles of Nature. These Ancient Ones who followed the Great Way of Tao were called 'Taoists'  – or simply we may call them  'Followers of the Way.'

The Great Tao may be thought of as the absolute natural principle  which governs all things.  Tao is the Root of all Life and Creation.  

The Practice of Tao, is a Holistic Life Science - teaching one to Return to an Effortless  Harmony with Nature and one's own Body through Movement and Meditative Arts such as Qigong, Taoist Yoga, Neigong and regulated Breath Work.

As we Practice Tao, we may return to a wonderful state of Vital Health, Inner Harmony and Balance.

The Practice of Tao follows the Way of Natural Harmony - and includes flowing movements,  natural stretching, energy cultivation, meditation, breath work,  and Mystical Ways of entering into Union with Nature and the Cosmos.  

Welcome to come and join our Living Tao LIVE Online Video Archives -  and explore the Way of Practicing Tao - we have over 80 Pre-recorded Video Lessons for you to explore.  As we begin to Practice Tao together, we may Return to an Enduring Harmony within ourselves, and also help to bring Harmony back into the world,

Cleanse the Heart and Empty the Mind...

When one Stills the Mind all things shall be in harmony and balance...

By following the principle of Tao’s Natural Way,
all things can be done in a perfect manner.

                                     ~ Lao Tzu



Jesse Lee Parker - Your Instructor

 Hello my friend, I am very happy you have have found your way to our website.  I began studying the Taoist Healing Arts in my teenage years in Austin, Texas, and this journey began well over 30 years ago -  I left my home at age 17 - and set out on a personal quest, to seek out Taoist Masters and Mountain Mystics - Gatekeepers of the Ancient Taoist Arts of Healing and Energy Development - this journey culminated with me living for many years in the Sacred Mountains and Taoist Temples in China - undergoing training in sacred caves, extensive meditation retreats, and being initiated into the Mystical Path of Taoism and the Way of Golden Light Inner Alchemy.  In my teachings, I seek to express the core concepts of the Taoist Arts, and share my personal insights and experience in a clear, simple and easy to understand way. The Greatest Truth is often Simple, yet being able to follow Simplicity, is often the hardest thing for us to do.  Being based in Japan, I always felt a barrier limiting me in spreading my teachings - yet now,  with the Internet, we can reach out Online and share these Taoist Teachings with you through our Living Tao LIVE Video Archives.  By exploring are well over 80 Pre-recorded Video Lessons -  you can learn systematically and step by step, gaining awesome health and healing benefits - we will guide you to experience physical transformation, rejuvenation, and the process of Energy Awakening - giving you Greater Health, Inner Peace, and transforming your Body into a more youthful, flexible and vibrant state.  I look forward to training with you online, and sharing my experience of the Great Way of Tao...

Sincerely,  Jesse Lee Parker



Living Tao LIVE Online Lessons 

Join us and experience our amazing video lesson archive of over 80 lessons and lectures on Taoist Qigong, Breathwork and Meditation. Learn the Taoist Arts of Longevity, Healing and Self Transformation, guiding you to a state of Greater Health and Harmony.         


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We truly want to support your deep learning, health and healing goals - we are deeply committed to bringing a wonderful quality to our video lessons - our Video Archive has over 80 Pre-recorded lessons -  learning the Arts of Taoist Qigong, Breathwork, and Inner Alchemy Meditation - join now and begin walking the Path of Wellness - let us come together at this time, and experience the wonderful healing benefits of the Taoist Arts - may our efforts bring Balance, Healing, and Peace to the World, Society, and all People at this time Now, and also in the Future.  Come Practice with us and discover the magic of Taoist Practice.

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- Internal Martial Arts -



We will now be offering a new regular lesson every month in the practice of the Neigong Training found in the Taoist Internal Martial Arts.

Neigong, as a term, refers to methods of Taoist Breath Training, Meditation, Inner Energy Work, and Spiritual Practice derived from the Tradition of Taoist Practice. We especially find Neigong Practice in modern times within the Taoist Internal Martial Arts.  

Neigong Training is commonly associated with the Three Internal Martial Arts of Hsing Yi, PaKua and Tai Chi. There are also Taoist Neigong Training Methods not related to the Martial Arts – such as those found in the Tao Yin Methods and also the Nei Dan or Inner Alchemy Meditation Training.

Neigong Training in the Internal Martial Arts emphasises the coordination of the individual's body with the breath, known as the harmonisation of the inner and outer energy (內外合一).  The repetition of the methods can help to guide the student to the state of Union of Breath and Body.

In this monthly class offering, we will slowly begin to introduce Neigong Training Methods from the Internal Martial Arts of Hsing Yi, Pa Kua and Tai Chi – class focus will be on developing greater health, flexibility, inner strength, mobility training and improving concentration.  We will learn a wide variety of Traditional and Time Tested methods.









Hsing Yi is similar to Taoist Meditation Practice....

Both have the goal of Gaining Emptiness.

But where we go from Inaction to Action, the Taoists go from Action to Inaction.

We borrow from the Taoists the 'Three Transformations' -

Transform Essence to Energy / Transform Energy to Spirit /

Transform Spirit to Emptiness....

With your advancement through these stages,

there shall occur 'Three Changes' in your body : 

1. Changes of the Bone.

2. Changes of the Tendons.

3. Washing of the Bone Marrow.  

To Change the Bones means you hold your body like a mountain.  When you stand and move, your bones shall become hard and strong.  To Change the Tendons is to fuse Energy into and through all the Tendons, forming membranes to them and energising them.  To Wash and Clean the Bone Marrow is to relax completely and purify and refine the Internal Organs by using your Mind, thus making your body light as a feather.

In the Highest Stage, Hsing Yi follows the Wind, and chases the Moon...

 Guo Yunshen – 郭雲深 -   

  * Come and explore the Practice of Hsing Yi Neigong in our Online Video Archives.





Tao Foundation Training

The Taoists in Ancient China discovered that Health, Healing and Vitality all come down to one basic Foundation Principle - Inner Energy.  Inner Energy Development is a unique and special method from the Taoist School and when applied has such wonderful life benefits such as bringing you to a state of vibrant health, healing chronic pain, and returning you to a state of feeling more youthful and energetic.  During our Living Tao LIVE Lessons, we will share with you the Foundation Training to transform the physical body, develop flexibility,  and increase health, through our flowing Tao Yin movement forms such as the 8 Immortals, Iron Turtle and the Golden Lotus FormTao Foundation Training will begin the process of returning to a more youthful condition in your body.  

Taoist Longevity Breathwork

Taoist Healing Arts such as Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation have a history which spans over 5,000 years of continuous development and refinement in China, and include in-depth methods of health cultivation, self-healing and spiritual development.  The Taoist Healing Arts we teach include practices such as Qigong, Taoist Yoga, Inner Alchemy Meditation and Neigong.  The focus in our Online Lessons will be to cultivate and awaken the Life Force Energy or  "Qi Energy", which we may think of as a Universal Healing Energy.  The first step in working with this Life Force Energy, is to begin with training and mastering the 'Subtle Breath' - Training and Mastering the Breath will lead to many wonderful health benefits.

Inner Alchemy Meditation

In todays world, we are often times overwhelmed with stress, obstacles and challenges.  These challenges often relate to three areas of our self - mental, physical and emotional.  Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation is a wonderful Life Science which brings one back to a profound state of balance and inner harmony.  This state of Harmony the Taoist often termed, 'Returning to Childhood' -  The practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation, begins the process of Recovering and Cultivating our 'Three Treasures' of Vital Essence, Energy and Spirit.  As our 'Three Treasures' gain balance, we may Return to a wonderful State of Rejuvenation.  Come join our Weekly Online Lessons and begin your journey back to the Child like State of Vibrant Health, Happiness and Vitality, through learning the Ancient Art of Taoist Meditation.           

- SPECIAL OFFER - Join our Living Tao LIVE Lessons - one time payment of only $25 -

- 12 days FULL access - 

Experience  our Living Tao lessons with us in our beautiful One Cloud Studio, and at special local temple locations in Kamakura Japan -- Join for an ALL ACCESS EXPERIENCE for 12 days -- Come explore our Video Archive in our Learning Center - we now have well over 80 lessons and lectures on Taoist Qigong, Neigong, Taoist Philosophy and Inner Alchemy Meditation - a wealth of lessons for you to explore..!

 *** This is a one time payment ***

- there is no monthly subscription fee or reoccurring billing - you can see how you like our lessons.  Come explore our vast archive for 12 days.  .

During your 12 days, you will have full unlimited access to all of our Video Archives - receiving personal and in-depth training.  This is an amazing opportunity to gain greater health, increase vitality, and experience a deep inner peace.  Join now and gain unlimited access to our Taoist Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy lesson Archive. 

The time is NOW - lets do this...!




“What is Inner Alchemy...”


Alchemy is the Art of Transformation -  an arcane science that transforms common substances into something more valuable, such as converting lead which is a common metal, into gold - which is valuable and precious.  Often times in the Mystic Traditions the terms such as lead refers to our base energy or mundane consciousness, and gold, our Refined Energy, True Nature or the Celestial Mind.  This Art of Transformation is termed Alchemy, and has ancient roots which we may find in literature and art from many different cultures in Egypt, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In the Taoist Tradition of Ancient China, we find references to two distinct types of Alchemy.  We find the ancient school of 'External Alchemy'  which was concerned with the transmutation of metals, minerals, and the combination of rare herbs to create a legendary composition - the 'Elixir Pill' of Immortality.  We also find the Taoist Tradition of 'Inner Alchemy'.  The Art of Inner Alchemy guides one to enter into Deep Meditationand focus on the cultivation, and transformation of our Inner Energy, Consciousness, and Spiritual Nature to form the 'Inner Elixir of Immortality'

Taoist Inner Alchemy is concerned with transforming the substance of the Inner Energy of the human being, into a Refined Quality  - which is True, Pure and Bright. This transformed energy, is gathered, and cultivated deep within the Original Center, an Energetic Field one develops over time, and through guided practice in Deep Meditation.

This transformation of the Inner Energy and Development of the Inner Elixir - will  bring one to gain an enduring state of internal harmony, vital health, rejuvenation and Union with Nature .

 Practicing the Art of Inner Alchemy, one may also begin to develop Inner Wisdom, Clarity, and feel closer to Nature.  During our monthly Living Tao Online Lessons, we will learn the Foundation Methods of Traditional Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice as found in the Northern School of Taoism.  We will also share the related theory, key concepts, symbols and the Stages of Advanced Development one may move through over time.  Real Practice takes Time, and one must be Patient, and have the quality of Perseverance to maintain the course of development.  We have a very large lesson archive online, and students make learn and practice at their own pace.

During our monthly lessons, practicing the Taoist Arts, we will help to guide you with Authentic Practice Methods, bringing you the wonderful benefits of self transformation, vital health and inner peace.  



What students are saying...  

*The transformation I’ve experienced from Taoist Yoga & Qigong practice with Jesse has been incredibly supportive in my life.  After having taught Hatha Yoga for over ten years, and been practicing a variety of styles with a range of teachers since I was a child, I had been yearning for some guidance into more subtle and energetic approaches. I came across Jesse and the TaoYoga Arts System and so resonated with the way Jesse relates these ancient Taoist Alchemical Practices in such an accessible way.  From developing and nurturing the energetic aspects of myself, my body is feeling as vital as ever, and I’ve reached the most sustained level of calm and happy emotionally and centred mentally that I’ve ever felt.
- Sally, Australlia
* I haven't enjoyed a practice so much since I discovered isometric exercises decades ago. Thank you Jesse.
- Ali, USA
*  Going through this program feels like an injection of energy..!  I have restarted things in my life I thought I was not able to do again… Like playing volleyball non-stop for 3 hours ! Just amazing.  I would like to continue this practice everyday for the rest of my life.    
- Gabriel, Brazil
*  I am loving the program!!  The course is so well constructed.  Clear, easy to follow videos, an emphasis on the practical but with enough supporting theory for a beginner like myself. All in all, this course is a beautiful introduction to Taoist Yoga. I am so happy to have found this course.  
- Lin, USA
* This Program felt very simple and clean in a refreshing way. It was not overwhelming or over complicated. I loved hearing this with new ears in ways that, to me, was delivered in the manner of one friend gently presenting a beautiful gift to another.  Wow… 
- Shelby USA 



Living Tao LIVE - Q & A - 

**What can I expect as a Living Tao LIVE Online member..?**
- FULL ACCESS to our Video Lesson Archives of over 80 Pre-recorded lessons.   Each video lesson will cover aspects of Basic Taoist Practice such as:  stretching, breath work, guided relaxation, movement training, meditation, and self massage.  In addition to the basic training, we will also begin to teach the Foundations of the Traditional Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation.  Over time, and with regular practice, you will gain a deep knowledge of the Traditional Forms we teach, the theory of how to practice correctly, and also gain insight into Taoist Philosophy.  In addition to our video lessons on Taoist Qigong, we also have lessons on the practice of Neigong as found in the Internal Martial Arts - giving you a wonderful range of learning and development.  We will be teaching in a very personal way, so the learning will be very easy to follow, fun, intimate and interesting.  Our life mission is to teach and share the Taoist Health Arts to the general public, bringing improvement to the health and wellbeing to the world.  We strive to bring a wonderful sincerity, authenticity, integrity and clarity to our lessons.  
**Can I still join the Program, did the class series already begin...?**
- New students may join Living Tao LIVE anytime ..!  You gain access to a LARGE video lesson Archive - of well over 80 video lessons, so new students can join at any time.  You can enjoy the many Lectures, and review the basics at your own pace, so new students will be able to gain clarity, insight and understanding.  We seek to have our students follow our lessons with ease, enlightenment and inspiration.  All lessons have been archived and uploaded to our Online Learning Center --  so members can log in at any time to review lessons, and view past lesson archives.   We now have well over 80 lessons archived - and adding more periodically...!
**I am a complete beginner, can I join this Program..?**
- Yes - there are no prerequisites or requirements for our members - everyone is welcome regardless of experience, age, or physical condition.  In my experience, I have found that actually beginners learn quicker, as they have no preconceived ideas about practice, and no expectations about what they are doing.  Our lessons are inspiring for the Advanced Practitioners, and also fun, interesting and enlivening for the complete beginner.  Everyone is welcome....!
**Is this a subscription program..?  Will I be billed again with any other charges...?**
- NO, this is not a membership or a  subscription program.  You are only billed once, and will have a limited time access to the Video Archives. You will have control of your account settings when you are logged into the Online Learning Center and you may change your account settings yourself -  We are available for student support at any time, so please let us know any questions or concerns once you join.   We are here to help....!



Opening the Energy Gates

In Taoist Qigong and Neigong practice we are taught one aspect of the Energy Body which are termed the 'Energy Gates'. The Energy Gates are the places where meridians connect in the body, and move from one area to another.  Energy Gates are usually located in the major joint spaces - or more specifically in the 'Empty Space' between the bones of a joint. The Energy Gates often become blocked, and this causes stagnant energy, stiffness, pain and limits the movement of Energy through the Meridian system.

In the Living Tao LIVE Online Lessons we will learn specialised movement and stretches to physically open the main joint areas in the body.   When these joint areas are open,  the Energy may run smoothly through the whole system. Opening the Energy Gates is a very special aspect of our training method.

When our Energy can run smoothly - with no blockage in the Joints and the Energy Gates - we gain Vital Health, Healing, have MORE Energy, feel young, vibrant & full of natural joy in life.  

Come join the Living Tao LIVE Online Video Archives -  to experience learning Taoist Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation with us.

JOIN NOW & BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO GREATER HEALTH - 12 DAYS FULL ACESS - $25. - Begin the first step to a New Life -

Discover Hidden Japan...

I feel truly blessed to live in an area of Japan, which is full of ancient temples, misty hills, and bamboo forests.   My home and private studio is located in the costal city of Kamakura, which lies along the Shonan Coast.  We get amazing sunsets here with views of Mount Fuji - check the banner below for a scenic view of our local area...

The birthplace of Zen Practice in Japan, Kenchoji Temple, is literally within walking distance from our One Cloud Studio, and it is one of many hundreds of ancient, and beautiful temple areas here in Kamakura.   I always feel so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place with a rich spiritual, historic and cultural tradition.

As a wonderful gift for our Living Tao LIVE Members, we will be uploading our lesson videos shot in our Local Japan temple scenery  - allowing you to bring the wonderful natural beauty, and healing feeling of these sacred sites into your home every month.




Would you like to discover a Powerful Life Practice and the Way to Greater Health..?

Secrets of Longevity from the Ancient Masters...

  • The Way of Inner Energy -    In our Living Tao Live Online Lessons, we will teach unique ways of movement, meditation and breath work by learning the Arts of Taoist Qigong, Inner Alchemy Meditation and Neigong, This training will focus to Develop the Inner Healing Energy, which will bring your body, mind and spirit to a profound state of balance and harmony - helping you to feel Greater Health, Healing and also Regain your Youthful, Healthy, Vibrant State once again.
  • Taoist Longevity Breathing - Breath is Life.  Breath is Health.  Breath is Energy. Taoist Breath Training will develop Inner Energy, reduce stress and bring you to a State of Inner Balance and Harmony. In our Living Tao LIVE Online Video Archives - we will guide you through the stages of Taoist Longevity Breath Training -  helping you to return to a youthful state of health, healing and an abundance of Vital Energy.  


JOIN NOW & BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO GREATER HEALTH - 12 DAYS FULL ACCESS - $25. - Begin the first step to a New Life -

What students are saying...  

* What I like about Jesse is his authenticity and ability to show compassion and love to the people around him.  Those kinds of qualities are extremely rare to find and I value how they were brought into each training session and our daily lessons in our retreat. Jesse has an in depth understanding about not only the how but also the why when it comes to the Taoist Arts and Training. This makes for fun and interesting theory lessons, which give clarity and understanding to the Taoist Practices themselves.  I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher, and I look forward to working with him more in the future.
- Kevin, Australia
* Jesse's knowledge and experience both from his time in China and from his personal healing journey are incredibly profound.  The teachings resonated deeply with me and surprised me in how elaborate and beautiful they were.  For me the training with Jesse was the missing link in my personal practice - Taoist Yoga and Qigong provided the central elements, provided the Center.  The teachings are authentic, coming from a long lineage tradition, and powerful, without being forceful or unnatural to the practitioner. The instructions and techniques seem simple but they gain depth the more one practices. The training has made an enormous difference to my personal practice - adding clarity, balance and centeredness. 
- Lancia, Spain
* My experience training Taoist Yoga and Qigong with Jesse was nothing short of rejuvenating and beneficial. Jesse is a great and knowledgeable teacher, I have learned a lot. 
Highly Recommend this Training...
- Tagan, NYC
* Jesse's Taoist Yoga and Qigong is an amazing experience back into the Ancient Practices of China’s Taoist past.  A skilful blend of mudras, breath work and postures.  My experience training was wonderful and healing.  I have not found anything like this before, highly recommended..! 
- Todd, Sweden 

In harmony with Tao, the sky is clear and spacious. the earth is solid and full, all creatures flourish together in harmony.

Return is the movement of the Tao.

Yielding is the way of the Tao.

One who is in harmony with Tao is like a newborn child...  soft and flexible; full of vital power.

complete in its harmony.

~ Lao Tzu

The Golden Mean 

The Practice of Tao follows a specialised method that rejuvenates and brings one back to a Harmony with Nature and the Great Tao. How is this done..?  The Ancient Taoists uncovered the Unified Energetic Pattern of the Universe - and this Pattern was termed the Golden Mean. It is the Unified Energy Field, which is in a State of Supreme Balance.  When we are able to Return to this State of the Golden Mean - we shall naturally, and without effort, heal, rejuvenate and renew ourselves - literally Returning to a more Youthful, Harmonious and Vibrant condition.  This is done through a process one enters into through the Practice of Inner Alchemy Meditation - In Alchemical Terms, this is the Stage of 'Gathering the External Medicine.'  The 'External Medicine' is the Energetic Substance which is at the root of the Process of Reversal, which leads one to Rejuvenation, Self Healing, and beginning the Alchemical Process of  -  'Spiritualisation' - 

Please come join the Living Tao LIVE Video Archives and begin to learn the basics of this profound method of Rejuvenation, Inner Alchemy and Self Healing today...!

Living Tao LIVE Online Lessons 

Join us and experience our amazing video lesson archive of over 80 lessons and lectures on Taoist Qigong, Breathwork and Meditation. Learn the Taoist Arts of Longevity, Healing and Self Transformation, guiding you to a state of Greater Health and Harmony.         


  • SPECIAL 12 DAY FULL ACCESS  - join NOW for 12 days --  $25.00 -- one time payment --- NO SUBSCRIPTION -  CLICK HERE TO JOIN --- Begin a New Life today - discover Taoist Qigong...!                               

We truly want to support your deep learning, health and healing goals - we are deeply committed to bringing a wonderful quality to our video lessons - our Video Archive has over 80 Pre-recorded lessons -  learning the Arts of Taoist Qigong, Breathwork, and Inner Alchemy Meditation - join now and begin walking the Path of Wellness - let us come together at this time, and experience the wonderful healing benefits of the Taoist Arts - may our efforts bring Balance, Healing, and Peace to the World, Society, and all People at this time Now, and also in the Future.  Come Practice with us and discover the magic of Taoist Practice.

JOIN NOW - Empower your Life - ONLY $25. -- 12 days FULL ACCESS -



Dedication to my Father

My father, Kenny Wilson Parker, passed away on April 14th, 2019.  He was such a wonderful inspiration and influence in my life, and always encouraged me in my study and pursuit of the Taoist Arts.  My father organized my very first workshop in Austin, Texas, over 18 years ago, and during that time, he gave me such valuable coaching and encouragement when I was first beginning to teach Taoist Yoga and Qigong.  I often feel that during that Summer, if my father had not pushed me to begin teaching, I would not have the life I live now - teaching and sharing the Taoist Arts with the world.  I am very thankful for my father's patience and guidance in my life. 

I would like to dedicate this project of Living Tao LIVE Online Lessons - to the loving memory of my father.

Thank you Pops for all your Love, Guidance and Support in my life...






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