Below please find a list of our Senior Immortal Arts Instructors who are currently offering lessons, have undergone extensive training under Jesse Lee Parker in the Arts of Taoist Qigong, Longevity Breathwork, and Inner Alchemy Meditation, The below Instructors have taken the Level-1- Certification Test. and meet all the requirements to transmit the Art of Taoist Qigong at a high standard, are formally certified and in good standing with the Immortal Arts Association. The Immortal Arts Tribe warmly welcomes you..!

Yuko Kon - Japan

Yuko is our Senior most Teacher in the Immortal Arts System, having studied directly under Jesse for over 9 years, and was the first Formally Certified Instructor in Japan.  Yuko has traveled extensively to China, under Jesse's guidance, on 9 separate occasions to study under Senior Taoist Master's in the Sacred China Mountains.  During Yuko's time in China, she was able to learn directly from Jesse's Taoist Masters, and take part in many Taoist Inner Alchemy Training Retreats.  Yuko's focus in her work and teaching is on Woman's Health, Healing and Self Empowerment.

 Yuko currently is an active teacher in Japan, giving workshops and retreats to women of all ages.

Nancy Zhou - China 

Nancy Zhou (Yang Yang) - is a unique teacher who brings a strong passion to her lessons in the areas of health, vegan based lifestyle and wellbeing. Nancy has an eclectic background in education, contemporary arts, Hatha Yoga, philanthropy and more. A car accident at age 18 and subsequent spinal injuries brought her to the journey of self healing and transformation. During this search, she found the Immortal Arts System, and began an intensive private one to one course of study with Founder Jesse Lee Parker, leading her to Instructor Certification. In her quest for self healing, balance and personal transformation, Nancy has found Taoist Practice to be the key she was searching for.  As a Native born Chinese, learning Taoist Practice has been a wonderful bridge to bring her closer to her Ancient Cultural and Spiritual Roots.   

Through teaching the Immortal Arts System, Nancy wishes to bring more harmony, health and balance to her students, local community, and to the whole world.  


Taganyahu Swaby - USA

Swaby brings a wonderful variety of skills, compassion and knowledge to his lessons.  Having had firsthand experience dealing with autoimmune illnesses greatly influences his teaching - his lessons focus on healing, wellness, and self empowerment.

Swaby is a father of four wonderful children, is an active practicing acupuncturist, and also is a highly accomplished teacher in the Brazillian Martial Art of Capoeria.  He also brings many years of training in Taoist Qi Gong and Tai Chi to his lessons. His experience of cultivating 'Qi Energy' has inspired him to learn more about the many healing applications of Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  Swaby empowers his students  to heal themselves and gain greater health and wellbeing through his enlightening Taoist Qigong lessons.


Ayumi Iwai - Japan

Ayumi brings a wonderful background as a multifaceted artist, singer, visionary and improvisational dancer to her Immortal Arts Qigong lessons.  Ayumi became involved in learning Taoist Qigong from Jesse, due to a devastating foot injury, which had put an end to her pursuing her dream as a professional dancer.  After a year of study and self practice in Taoist Qigong, she regained full use of her body, and was able to return to pursuing dance, and the performance arts in Japan.   

Ayumi and her husband Naoto are pioneering the spread of Taoist Qigong in Japan through grassroots, local workshops.  Ayumi is a loving mother - raising an amazing little daughter named, 'Tao-chan'.    Ayumi has a deep connection with Nature and a Natural Spirituality which she brings to her Taoist Qigong lessons, and performance arts.

Benjamin Robins - Australia 

Benjamin was a member of the first Teacher Training Group we held in 2011, in Tokyo, Japan.  Benjamin has been a very active long term student, traveling every year to Japan to study privately at Jesse's One Cloud Studio in Kamakura.  Benjamin offers a very comprehensive approach to Taoist Qigong, with a focus on the meditative, healing and spiritual aspects of the practice.  Ben has also studied the Healing Arts in-depth, and offers a wide variety of Massage Therapy and Energy Healing from the Asian and Western Traditions.  Ben is a dedicated father, with two beautiful children, and he brings balance to his family life with the Practice of Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

Joshua Bee Alafia - USA

Joshua brings a deep wealth of experience to his Immortal Arts Qigong Lessons.  He is an instructor in Thai Massage, Mind Body Meditation, Tai Chi, Taoist Qigong, and also is active in Community Outreach Programs.  Joshua is a very dedicated father, raising his son Sankara with love in the Chicago area.  Joshua also works as a director,  producing cutting edge films which transform and enlighten the heart.  Joshua brings a pure heart and a deep healing experience to his classes and embodies the Immortal Arts System in an integral way - Joshua has done exceptional work bringing the Taoist Healing and Mindfulness Arts to People of Color in his Communities in Chicago, Brooklyn and Africa. 

Joshua is very active behind the scenes, helping to guide the Immortal Arts Movement to spread far and wide - to the four corners of the Earth.  Currently he is working to set up Immortal Arts Qigong Centers in Uganda, Africa.

Nishaan Weilguni - Sweden 

Nisha brings an amazing depth of heart, love, compassion and insight into his study, teaching and exploration of the Taoist Arts.  Nisha began his study with various forms of Qigong, Chinese Mythology, and the subjects of Norse Mythology and Mystic Traditions.   Nisha is very interested in finding common ground within the theory and practice of Taoism and the Norse Shamanic Tradition.

Nisha began to search online for a Taoist Qigong Practice that would be able to aid in healing, health development, and recovery from trauma.  By chance he found our Immortal Arts Group and the rest is history.   Nisha has taken multiple Teacher Training Programs in Immortal Arts Qigong, and regularly travels to Japan to continue his study and learning in Taoist Qigong.   

Nisha brings a deep beauty, spirit and connection to Nature to his lessons, and we are so happy he is a part of the Immortal Arts Team.





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