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Come Join us and experience our in-depth LIVE lessons every week.  Learn Authentic Taoist Arts of Longevity, Healing and Self Transformation such as: Qigong, Neigong, Taoist Yoga, and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  We will guide you with our Live Online Lessons to a state of self mastery, inner peace  and greater health.       

The Living Tao LIVE Program contains:  

  • LIVE classes every week detailing the in-depth practices of Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation -  weekly classes will be guided LIVE by Jesse Lee Parker in real time though the virtual meeting platform ZOOM.
  • Monthly LIVE - Q & A sessions - interactive dialogue, learning and discussion with Jesse and our student community.
  • Access to our Living Tao Online Archive - all lessons will be archived for your future viewing in our password protected Online Learning Center.

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Every week, we will be streaming LIVE lessons from our beautiful Japanese Dojo in the Kamakura Valley of Gokurakuji - Each lesson will cover aspects of Basic Taoist Practice such as:  stretching, breath work, guided relaxation, movement training, meditation, and self massage.  In addition to the basic training, we will also begin to teach the Traditional Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation.  Over time, and with regular attendance, you will gain a deep knowledge of the Traditional Forms we teach, the theory of how to practice correctly, and also gain insight into Taoist Philosophy.  In addition to our LIVE lessons, we will be uploading videos of our local Japan classes - giving you a rare glimpse into the beauty of Japan, and our local student community.  We will be teaching in a very personal way, so the learning will be very easy to follow, fun, intimate and interesting.  Our life mission is to teach and share the Taoist Healing Arts to the public, so we strive to bring a wonderful sincerity, authenticity, integrity and clarity to our lessons...  

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