Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a time of the Growing Yang Principle....

The Way of Taoist Practice that we teach in the TaoYoga Arts System contains three general levels we progress through in the learning, which can be simply thought of as dealing with the body, learning about the cycles of nature, and lastly how to gain a Union of Self and Nature.

* First we will learn about the inner rhythms, development and cycles of Energy in our own body - through the act of self practice in the TaoYoga Arts System.
* Second we will study and learn about the rhythms, patterns and cycles of Energy we may find within nature - this includes the cycle of the four seasons, and the movement of the sun and moon - this is all organized in the Taoist Energetic Calendar, which includes the dates, and times of practice we follow throughout the year, in order to follow these cycles.
* Lastly, we learn the method and way to join the Human and Nature into a Unified, Balanced and Harmonious whole. A Union of the Individual Self and the Greater Self of Nature takes place.

This process  begins with observation of oneself, and also the observation of nature.

One practice method is the observation of the Taoist Calendar of the 24 Solar Nodes throughout the year charting the changing of the seasons, and the cosmological movement of the Sun along the Solar Ecliptic route, and also we will observe the moon cycles.

Observing these times of change throughout the year, the practitioner of Taoist Yoga engages in Meditation and Inner Energy Work, and begins to attune with the seasonal change, the movement of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon - gaining a harmony with the prevailing energy – thus one's life begins to embrace a harmony and a balance internally and also externally with the change of the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon.

We will slowly begin to understand the energetic characteristics of the seasons through this process:

  • Spring brings a quality of Birth and a Rising energetic quality.

  • Summer is a quality of Growth and an Expansive quality of energy.

  • Autumn is a quality of Harvesting with a Downward quality of energy.

  • Winter expresses a quality of Storing with an Inner Stillness quality of energy.

Learning to observe and harmonize with the seasonal change is a key aspect of the Art of Taoist Yoga, and the way to greater health, longevity and a deeper understanding in life.

Follow the Way of Nature and Enrich all aspects of your Life......


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