HsingYi Neigong ☯️ Program - $345.

Hsing Yi Neigong

Join us on this Summer for an exciting exploration into the Practice of Hsing Yi Neigong.

Hsing Yi Neigong program details :  

  •  Workshop Tuition Fee - $345.
  •  Immediate Registration to:  Hsing Yi Neigong Program - held on June 23 ~ August 18, 2024 -
  • Starting Time - 5:00pm California Standard Time.  
  • Workshop will be delivered by the ZOOM platform.
  •  Learn the Complete Foundation Training of the North River Hsing Yi Neigong System - including the 5 Power Exercises / Double Butterfly / Standing Meditation Postures / Breathwork and more.
  •  Workshop Sessions may be taken Live by ZOOM - or you may watch and practice at your own pace online in our website learning center.   
  • Each lesson will be recorded and uploaded online.
  •  Program Access   -  learning center program access will be limited to 6 months -
  • Program will expire on - January 1, 2025.


What People Are Saying:

Taoist Qigong with Jesse has given me the foundation of Inner Peace and Happiness for the first time in my life....

Nisha, Sweden