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Taoist Inner Alchemy Training 

MAY 7 - JULY 2, 2023

We would like to invite you to join us and experience a life changing journey into the Ancient Wisdom Tradition of Taoist Inner Alchemy

Taoist Inner Alchemy is concerned with transforming the Inner Energy of the human being through systematic practice of Internal Meditation Training.

This exciting course will begin from May 7th with Live LessonsInteractive Workshops and Prerecorded Practice Routines to follow.   we are very excited to guide you on a once in a lifetime journey into the wonderful practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy.

 The Taoist Art of Inner Alchemy Meditation is truly a treasure for us in these modern times - giving the gift of Greater Health, and Enhancing all aspects of our Life.   

Come journey with us and discover the Magical World of Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice...

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Discover the exciting world of Taoist Inner Alchemy and Qigong - read about our online programs below...

Taoist Inner Alchemy

  •  Come discover the practice of Inner Alchemy Meditation.
  • A guided two month journey  detailing the in-depth practices of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation, Qigong and the Art of Nourishing Life.  
  •  This Program will help one to increase their health, heal chronic pains, awaken healing energy, and gain a deeper understanding of Taoist Practice, Philosophy and the Way of Inner Alchemy.  
  •  Truly an amazing wealth of teaching in the Ancient Taoist Art of Longevity -come discover the way of Inner Alchemy  and enter into enduring health and vitality.
Learn about our Taoist Inner Alchemy Training

Immortal Arts Blog

  • Come explore our Immortal Arts blog page and enhance your life.  Learn more about Taoist Qigong Practice, Philosophy, and gain insight into the Tao.
  • Read some of our writing on the Taoist Art of Nei Dan -  Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice is often called - Nei Dan - in the Chinese Language, and can be translated to mean - Inner Elixir Method - an esoteric doctrine, which contains physical, mental, and spiritual practices that Taoist Adepts use to prolong their life span, harmonise with Nature and Develop Inner Energy.  
  • Explore Taoist Philosophy, and the Arts of Nourishing Life such as Qigong and Taoist Breathwork in our many blog articles.
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8 Immortals Qigong

  • Experience greater Health and Vitality today learning the 8 Immortals Qigong and 7 Star Tao Yin forms . Follow along with 5 Unique Taoist Qigong & Tao Yin Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by learning the 8 Immortal Qigong Practice, and Metal Element Qigong.  
  • 5 Video Lectures guiding you through the the 7 Star and 8 Immortal Qigong - going over the details in the movements, breath work, and the healing benefits contained in each movement..   .     
  • We also will teach the practice of Taoist Longevity Breath Training with Metal Element Qigong.
Learn about our 8 Immortals Qigong Program

What is Qigong....?

Qigong  is an ancient method of Healing and Health Development from China which has a history stretching back over 5,000 years into the ancient times of legend and myth,  The word Qigong is composed of two characters Qì 氣 - and Gōng 功 -  Qi is literally translated as Air or Breath, but also has the meaning of a Vital Energy which is Life Giving.  Gong can be translated as cultivation, work, practice, effort, skill, accomplishment, and mastery.  Qigong therefore can hold the meaning of a System or Practice of Mastering the Breath and the Vital Life Force Energy.   Qigong brings you to a wonderful state of greater health and wellness. 

Qigong -  the Art of Mastering the Life Force Energy - 


Learn More about Qigong with our Taoist Inner Alchemy Training

Types of Qigong Practice.

Qigong has grown and evolved over time into a wide variety of different schools, methods and approaches.  Generally we will find Five Branches of Qigong Practice in modern day China:  Taoist Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Martial Art Qigong, Medical Qigong, and Scholarly Qigong.  Each of the Five Branches of Qigong will stress different techniques, methods and goals in their approach to Qigong Practice.  Taoist Qigong will generally focus on health, healing, rejuvenation, cultivation of longevity, and Spiritual Development.  Taoist Qigong will seek to enhance the physical health and vitality of the practitioner to prepare for higher level meditation methods. In our Online Programs we will focus on methods from the Taoist Tradition, with an aim to gain benefits of Healing, Health and Longevity .  Taoist Qigong is a wonderful practice, with a rich history - helping you to develop vital health and return to a more youthful body; giving you an enhanced life experience.  Check our link below for information on our Online Programs and begin the exciting path of developing Vital Health and Inner Balance today...

Are you Ready to Discover the exciting world of Taoist Qigong and Energy Healing - join our Living Tao Program today...



We have designed a simple, in-depth course that will give you a complete Life Transforming Practice...       

The Living Tao Program contains:  

  • 5 Unique Qigong Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy, Vitality and Gain Greater Health..    
  • BONUS - Taoist Longevity Breath Training with the Metal Element Qigong form.
  • PDF workbook, containing an outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga and Qigong,  including Taoist Philosophy and a 25 day training journal.
  • All of this is available on our beautiful, easy to use, cutting edge Online Learning Center.     
  • Click the link below to learn more details about this wonderful Qigong Program         

Way of Harmony

Qigong Practice works to train three different areas of self:  the body, breath, and the mind.  

Through practice we coordinate these three areas of the body, breath and mind into a single and integrated union - leading one to a state of profound balance, inner peace, and vital health.  Qigong is truly Ancient Wisdom, which can aid us to gain Life Enhancement in these modern times.  We look forward to share with you our experience and insight into Taoist Qigong Practice and guide you to an experience of Greater Health and Happiness.  Take a look at our Living Tao Program and learn more about our Teachings, Taoist Qigong and our Online Offerings.  We are here to share our experience with you, to assist you in gaining vital health, happiness and harmony in your life.  Come experience the Taoist Tradition and enhance all aspects of your life.


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Jesse Lee Parker -             Adept of the Taoist Arts


Our Online Programs are created, designed and taught by Jesse Lee Parker.  From a young age, Jesse was attracted and fascinated by the Taoist Healing Arts and also Internal Martial Arts Training - his study and experience has continued for well over 30 years and began in 1985, at his father’s studio ‘Third Coast Center for the Healing Arts’ in Austin, Texas. This Wellness Center was a pioneer at that time, gathering many different and unique modalities of healing and mind/body arts under one roof, including Taoist Qigong, Martial Arts, and Tai Chi Training.  Jesse was exposed to and studied a wide variety of subjects at that time such as:  Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Breath Work, and the Internal Martial Arts of Hsing Yi Chuan and Pa Kua Zhang -- creating a very wide and strong foundation.   Jesse's first Teacher at this time taught the Way of the Healer and Warrior - stressing to combine the Inner Strength and Confidence of the Warrior with the Compassion and Kindness of the Healer.  At this time, Jesse's study focused on the Cultivation of the 'Qi' or Life Force Energy as the bridge to Mind Body Harmony.


Jesse went on to continue his learning and received training under masters from California, Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan and completed his study in the Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy during an extended stay of residence in the Sacred Mountains of Mainland China. During this time he learned the method of the Golden Elixir Practice and the Taoist Arts of Longevity.  After his study in China, Jesse suffered a very devastating car accident - breaking his leg, crushing his knee joint, and suffering fractures and compression to the disks and vertebrae in his spine - finding himself in a body cast in the hospital, and unable to walk, it seemed that life as he knew it was perhaps over, and there was much doubt if he could regain a normal use of his body.

This was a very testing moment, yet Jesse gathered his spirit, and was able to focus and apply his experience in Taoist Qigong and Neigong to heal and rejuvenate his body - giving him a deep confidence in the healing power of the Taoist Arts to bring one health and rejuvenation when applied correctly.  The practice of Taoist Qigong can bring many healing benefits, but it is not magic - continued practice is required, over a long period of time.  Like all things in life, effort, perseverance, and patience are needed for real success to come. 




Jesse  is certified as an instructor in Qigong under the Kong Ran Healing Qigong Institute in Beijing, and has been initiated as a member of the 20th Generation Dragon Gate Taoist Branch of Huashan Mountain.

Jesse studied Shiatsu and Jin Shin Do Acupressure at the Honolulu School of Massage, and is licensed in Neigong TuiNa Massage Therapy and Qigong Energy Healing under the Taoist Traditional Therapy Association of Taiwan.   The Practice of Bodywork, Healing Touch, and Energy Healing have played a very important role in the development of Jesse's education and influences his view of Taoist Practice, and the application of gaining self healing through Taoist Qigong and Breathwork Methods.

Jesse has also studied the Taoist Internal Martial Arts of Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Pa Kua since his teenage years, and has focused on exploring the Neigong Strength Training methods found in these three Internal Martial Arts - Jesse has  especially had a passioned focus for the art of North River Hsing Yi Quan and has dived into experiencing the physical and energetic manifestations of the 5 Elemental Powers through the practice of Hsing Yi Movement Training and related Standing Meditation methods.



Through long term practice of Hsing Yi, Pa Kua and Tai Chi, Jesse has uncovered  the application of the Neigong Strength Training which is at the Root of these Martial Art Systems.  Nei Gong Strength Training is amazing in its effects to enhance all aspects of one's health, vitality, strength and wellness.  

The guiding philosophy of Jesse's teaching and methodology is: Balance & Harmony with the Self and Nature – bringing one to the peak experience of Self Healing, Inner Harmony and Rejuvenation.

Jesse welcomes all people, from all walks of life and strives to bring the gifts of health, wellness and inner peace to his students through the experience of Taoist Practices such as Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation ...

Please check out our Living Tao Program to learn more about Taoist Qigong and enter the world of Taoist Practice - gaining vital health, healing and harmony today....!







Open the Energy Gates

In the practice of Taoist Qigong and Neigong we are taught one aspect of the Energy Body which are termed the 'Energy Gates'. The Energy Gates are the places where meridians connect in the body, and move from one area to another - for example for energy to pass from the arm into the torso, the meridians must pass through the Energy Gate located in the Shoulder Joint. Energy Gates are usually located in the major joint spaces - or more specifically in the 'Empty Space' between the bones of a joint. The Energy Gates often become blocked, due to life stress, ageing, and negative emotions.   When the EnergyGates are blocked, this causes stagnant energy, stiffness, pain and limits the movement of Energy through the Meridian System.

In our Immortal Arts Programs, we teach specialised movements and methods which physically open these areas so that the Energy may run smoothly through the entire energetic system.

Opening the Energy Gates is a very special aspect of Taoist Qigong and Neigong Practice.

When our Life Force Energy can run smoothly - with no blockage within the Energy Gates - we gain vital health, healing, have more energy, feel younger & full of a natural joy in life. Please come and take part in our Living Tao Online Program , experience Taoist Qigong and gain a more Vital Energy Flow in your life...!

Dedication to my Father

My father, Kenny Wilson Parker, passed away on April 14th, 2019.  He was such a wonderful inspiration and influence in my life, and always encouraged me in my study and pursuit of the Taoist Arts.  My father organized my very first workshop in Austin, Texas and gave me such valuable coaching and encouragement when I was first beginning to teach the Taoist Arts and Qigong at that time.  I would like to dedicate this website and my Life Work to the loving memory of my father. Thank you Pops for all your Love, Guidance and Support in my life...


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