Jesse Lee Parker 

From a young age, Jesse was attracted to the Taoist Healing Arts - his study and experience has continued for well over 25 years and began in 1985, at his father’s studio  ‘Third Coast Center for the Healing Arts’ -  in Austin, Texas.  Jesse went on to continue his study in the Taoist Internal Arts, Meditation, Martial Arts and the Healing Arts, through a long journey and adventure that took him to many rare and beautiful places throughout Hawaii, China, and Taiwan.  Jesse now resides in the Kamakura area of Japan.

 Jesse follows the Way of Tao in his life, and has undergone extensive training in the Sacred Mountains of China under the guidance of modern day Taoist Adepts.  After extensive training, Jesse was empowered to teach a Traditional System of Taoist Inner Alchemy.  Jesse is also certified as an instructor in Qigong under the Kong Ran Healing Qigong Institute, and licensed as a TuiNa Massage Therapist and Healer under the Taoist Traditional Therapy Association of Taiwan.

Jesse has discovered many profound insights, and a direct experience of  Awakening the Inner Energy and the Self Healing Process through his study under Modern Taoist Masters, Self Practice in the mountains of China, and the journey to recovery from a severe spinal cord injury, and a broken leg.  These discoveries have influenced the aim and guiding principles of the founding of the Immortal Arts Qigong System -  a complete system of Taoist Practice - influenced by the Ancient Way of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation, Qigong and Taoist Philosophy. Jesse teaches in a contemporary style,  which may be easily grasped by modern people who live in an urban environment.  We look forward to practicing with you and exploring the wonderful world of Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

The guiding philosophy of Immortal Arts Qigong Practice is Balance & Harmony with the Self and Nature -  through gaining Balance & Harmony with Nature - Self Healing, Wisdom and Spiritual Insight arise naturally, and effortlessly.  Our Mission is to Empower People with the Tools of  Energy Development and Self Healing from the Taoist Tradition - giving one the gifts of : Vital Health, Rejuvenation, Self Awakening, Spiritual Independence and Self Empowerment..









Taoist Practice

The Immortal Arts Qigong System is a modern and compressive approach to Taoist Practice - in Ancient Times this Art was called 'Tan Tao'  - šłĻťĀď -  which means the Way of Developing the Inner Elixir - the Purified Inner Energy - which arises and is developed in the Dantian Center.  In modern times, this Ancient Art is often termed Taoist Inner Alchemy, and is an Ancient Precursor to many modern forms of Qigong and Neigong.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang is the Way of Heaven & Earth.. The Fundamental Principle of All Things... Learning the application of the Law of Yin and Yang Energy Transformation is a deep secret and key to understanding the practice of Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation. Yin and Yang as a theory expresses itself in all aspects of life, form, transformation and change, and is the basis for all aspects of Taoist Practice and the Immortal Arts Qigong System.

Self Transformation

Within the practice of the Immortal Arts Qigong System, the student shall pass through - ‘3 Stages of Transformation’ - at the level of the Body, Energy & Spirit. The student shall also pass through the ‘5 Gates of Change’ -  Five Unique Stages of Self Transformation, Growth and Personal Development.  The 5 Gates of Change give one a map and a formula to follow -  to chart the journey of Self Transformation.


 The Immortal Arts Qigong System was created with a desire to present the amazing Healing Methods and Inner Alchemy Meditation from the Taoist Tradition in a modern format, based on the systematic training and experience Jesse underwent in China.  After completing his training in China, Jesse relocated to Japan and has been teaching continuously for over 9  years.  This precious time spent hands on with students,  has given him the valuable experience to see the effects of these practices on students from a wide variety of all aspects of life.  This extensive teaching experience has inspired Jesse to Organise these Systematic Taoist Teachings, in order to bring the wonderful healing and transformative benefit of Taoist Practice to the world.   We are now offering Community Workshops each month on Inner Alchemy Meditation.  This is a comprehensive offering  - guiding the members through the Foundation Stages of the Art of Inner Alchemy - bringing one to an amazing experience of health, healing and inner peace. 

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Jesse began his journey as a teenager, searching out Masters of the Tao - bringing him to literally travel all over America, Hawaii, Taiwan and Japan.  This journey spanned more than 15 years and culminated with him living and studying in very remote areas of China - under the mentorship of Modern day Taoist Masters - guiding him on the Path of the Authentic Method of Taoist Inner Alchemy.  This unique experience of uncovering the Ancient Arts of Taoist Inner Alchemy and Self Transformation in the very birthplace of their development gave Jesse very deep insights not only in the authentic methods of practice, but also the Heart and Spirit of the Tradition of Tao.  This Journey has inspired Jesse to present the Heart of Taoist Practice in an Honest, Pure and Sincere way through the Immortal Arts Qigong System - guiding others to Gain Vital Health, Longevity and Healing - leading to the development of greater Wisdom and Happiness...   






We are truly living in a unique period in history, where we are no longer separated by time and distance - due to the interconnection of the Internet.  Jesse Lee Parker feels a unique duty, to openly share his life experience and the Taoist Wisdom that was passed on to him - in order to contribute to the health, wisdom and wellbeing of society..  Jesse views himself as a Mentor, wishing to share openly, and guide others to a higher experience of health, wisdom and inner peace through the cultivation of the Taoist Arts of Mind Body Harmony - the Way of Inner Alchemy.  Jesse does not believe in titles or ranking, and feels he can share more when he stands on equal ground with his students, and be a friend, companion and guide - openly sharing, giving inspiration, honesty and pointing the Way to the Great Natural Tao.  Learn more about our Taoist Teachings in our online course Taoist Inner Alchemy Training.

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