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Jesse Lee Parker - Your Instructor

 I am so happy you have found your way to my website - I have been a student of the Taoist Healing Arts for over 25 years - my study began in my teenage years in Austin, Texas - and has led me to travel all over the world seeking out Taoist Masters of Healing and Energy Development - this journey culminated with me living on top of the Sacred Mountains in China..!  In my teachings, I seek to express the root and core concepts of these arts, giving the student insight, clarity and a direct experience of how to practice in order to gain concrete and real benefits of health, healing and tangible energy development. Being based in Japan, I always felt a barrier limiting me in spreading my teachings - now  I wish to reach out Online across the Ocean and share these Taoist Teachings with as many as possible - giving awesome health and healing benefits through my new program - Living Tao - guiding you through our easy to follow video based learning program that will allow you to experience this process of Energy Awakening through Taoist Yoga and Qigong - giving you Greater Health, Inner Peace, and transforming your Body into a more youthful, flexible and vibrant state.  I look forward to training with you soon.

Sincerely, Jesse Lee Parker

Taoist Qigong - Way of Health and Healing

Learn the Way of Health & Inner Energy

The Taoists in Ancient China discovered that Health, Healing and Vitality all come down to one basic Foundation Principle - Inner Energy.  Developing Inner Energy is a unique and special method from the Taoist School often called 'Qigong'.  When Qigong Practice is performed regularly, one may gain amazing health benefits. In our Living Tao Program, we will share with you the simple and effective way to get started - in a clear and easy to understand manner - giving you the wonderful experience of learning a system of Taoist Qigong and Energy Cultivation.   Come experience Self Healing  and Life Transformation today.

Taoist Qigong - Ancient Art of Longevity

Taoist Qigong is an ancient art of  mind-body harmony - Its practice spans over 5,000 years of continuous development and refinement in China, and include in-depth methods of health cultivation, self-healing and spiritual development.  Taoist Qigong is an Ancient Practice, which influenced the development of many different Healing Arts in China.  Taoist Qigong cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner; Qi Energy is developed first through simple breathing exercises, stretches and movements..   The concept of Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe and all things.

Life Transformation & the Way of Self Healing

In todays world, we are often times overwhelmed with stress, obstacles and challenges.  These challenges often relate to three areas of our self - mental, physical and emotional.  Taoist Qigong, Breath Work and Meditation are wonderful Life Sciences which address all aspects of ourselves, and brings one back to a profound state of Balance and Inner Harmony.  This state of Harmony the Taoist often termed, 'Returning to Childhood' -  come join our program and begin your journey back to the Child like State of Health, Happiness and Greater Vitality.             

What students are saying about our programs...  

* My experience training Taoist Qigong with Jesse was nothing short of rejuvenating and beneficial. Jesse is a great and knowledgeable teacher, I have learned a lot.  Highly Recommend this Training...
- Tagan, NYC
* Jesse's Taoist Qigong is an amazing experience back into the ancient practices of China’s Taoist past.  A skilful blend of mudras, breath work and postures.  My experience training was wonderful and healing.  I have not found anything like this before, highly recommended..! 
- Todd, Sweden 
* Jesse's knowledge and experience both from his time in China and from his personal healing journey are incredibly profound.  The teachings resonated deeply with me and surprised me in how elaborate and beautiful they were.  For me the training with Jesse was the missing link in my personal practice - Taoist Qigong provided the central elements, provided the Center.  The teachings are authentic, coming from a long lineage tradition, and powerful, without being forceful or unnatural to the practitioner. The instructions and techniques seem simple but they gain depth the more one practices. The training has made an enormous difference to my life, adding clarity, health and centeredness . 
- Lancia, Bali 
* Jesse has an in depth understanding about not only the how but also the why when it comes to the Taoist Arts and Qigong Training. This makes for fun and interesting theory lessons, which give clarity and understanding to the Taoist Practices themselves.  I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher, and I look forward to working with him more in the future.
- Kevin, Australia


We have designed a simple, in-depth course that will give you a complete Life Transforming Practice...       

The Living Tao Program contains:  

  • 5 Unique Taoist Yoga & Qigong Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by learning the 7 Star and 8 Immortal forms.  
  • 5 Video Lectures guiding you through the process of learning the 7 Star and 8 Immortal forms.   .     
  • BONUS - Taoist Longevity Breath Training with the Metal Element form and Spiral Body Movement training.
  • PDF workbook, containing an outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga and Qigong,  including Taoist Philosophy and a 25 day training journal.
  • All of this is available on our beautiful, easy to use, cutting edge Online Learning Center.       
  • join now and gain access to the entire program for only $75. - this will be a $100 discount from the original price of $175 - Unlimited Lifetime Access -                  - JOIN NOW...! 

Living Tao Workbook

We have created a wonderful, and unique workbook available for download in our Online Learning Center - which will be a wonderful companion during the program.

Energy Body Diagrams

The study and exploration of the Energetic Body is a key theme and concept in the TaoYoga Arts System.  The teachings of the Energy Body has been an oral tradition in most of the different Wisdom Traditions, and as a result, often we find incomplete teachings in modern times.  We have created a unique teaching method, to give one a clear understanding on the Energetic System, and its relation to the Physical Practice and Technique.


Organised Workbook

During our period of teaching in Japan for over 9 years, we have organised and complied a wide variety of our teachings in print form, and all of this has been put into our manuals with a lot of love.  Diagrams of the Energetic Body, Taoist Yoga Theory and Principle, and the Principles of Taoist Cosmology. We have taken the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Path, and organised the teachings in a modern way, to shed light, wisdom and understanding.  

Tao Life Journal

A key part of our Training Manual is the activity of daily journal writing and contemplation.  We have compiled key sections from Taoist Philosophy to stimulate contemplation and self reflection - which will help to inspire your reflective journal writing.   Journal writing is very important as we develop the ability of 'Self Observation', and 'Self Reflection' - which are very important skills as we begin to gain deeper awareness of our Inner Self.

Would you like to discover a Powerful Life Practice and a Healing Secret..?

Living Tao

25 days to Greater Health, Vitality, and Wellness...

  • In this program, we will guide you to Awaken Inner Energy and Rejuvinate your body through learning the 7 Star and the 8 Immortal form training in 5 easy to follow lectures and practice sessions - this program will help to transform your life, health and let you feel an amazing youthful energy within yourself.
  • Our Living Tao Program will also include a specialised Longevity Breath Training Practice, which will lay a strong foundation for Energy Development, Greater Health, Healing & Amazing Life Changes.
  • A wonderful benefit of Taoist Practice is longevity and reversing the ageing process - we will guide you to gain greater health and vitality in a simple, and unique modern day approach to the Ancient Taoist Arts of Longevity in the Living Tao Program.

Secrets of Longevity from the Ancient Masters...

  • The Way of Inner Energy -    In our Living Tao Program, we will teach a unique way of movement and breath work with two sets of Taoist Yoga and Qigong, This training will focus to Develop the Inner Healing Energy, which will bring your body, mind and spirit to a profound state of balance - helping you to feel Greater Health and also Regain your Youthful, Vibrant State once again.
  • Taoist Longevity Breathing - Breath is Life.  Breath is Health.  Breath is Energy. Taoist Breath Training will develop Inner Energy, reduce stress and bring you to a State of Inner Balance and Harmony. In the Living Tao Program we will guide you through the beginning stages of Taoist Longevity Breath Training  -  learning the Metal Element Breath Work.  Helping you to return to a youthful feeling of health, healing and an abundance of Vital Energy.  

What students are saying about our programs...  

*The transformation I’ve experienced from Taoist Qigong practice with Jesse has been incredibly supportive in my life.  After having taught Hatha Yoga for over ten years, and been practicing a variety of styles with a range of teachers since I was a child, I had been yearning for some guidance into more subtle and energetic approaches. I came across Jesse and the Immortal Arts System and so resonated with the way Jesse relates these ancient alchemical practices in such an accessible way.  From developing and nurturing the energetic aspects of myself, my body is feeling as vital as ever, and I’ve reached the most sustained level of calm and happy emotionally and centred mentally that I’ve ever felt.
- Sally, Australlia
* I haven't enjoyed a practice so much since I discovered isometric exercises decades ago. Thank you Jesse.
- Ali, USA
*  Going through this program feels like an injection of energy..!  I have restarted things in my life I thought I was not able to do again… Like playing volleyball non-stop for 3 hours ! Just amazing.  I would like to continue this practice everyday for the rest of my life.    
- Gabriel, Brazil
*  I am loving the program!!  The course is so well constructed.  Clear, easy to follow videos, an emphasis on the practical but with enough supporting theory for a beginner like myself. All in all, this course is a beautiful introduction to Taoist Qigong. I am so happy to have found this course.  
- Lin, USA
* This Program felt very simple and clean in a refreshing way. It was not overwhelming or over complicated. I loved hearing this with new ears in ways that, to me, was delivered in the manner of one friend gently presenting a beautiful gift to another.  Wow… 
- Shelby USA 

Opening the Energy Gates

In Taoist Yoga and Qigong practice we are taught one aspect of the Energy Body which are termed the 'Energy Gates'. The Energy Gates are the places where meridians connect in the body, and move from one area to another - for example for energy to pass from the arm into the torso, the meridians must pass through the Energy Gate located in the Shoulder Joint. Energy Gates are usually located in the major joint spaces - or more specifically in the 'Empty Space' between the bones of a joint. The Energy Gates often become blocked, and this causes stagnant energy, stiffness, pain and limits the movement of Energy through the Meridian system.

In the Living Tao Program we will learn the 7 Star form which will guide us in specialised movement and stretches to physically open the 7 main joint areas in the body: the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and the cranial sacral area at the base of the skull.   When these areas are open,  the Energy may run smoothly through the whole system. Opening the Energy Gates is a very special aspect of the Living Tao Program.

When our Energy can run smoothly - with no blockage in the Joints and the Energy Gates - we gain Vital Health, Healing, have MORE Energy, feel young & full of natural joy in life.  Join the Living Tao Program to experience Taoist Yoga, Qigong and Inner Energy Development. 

Cleanse the Heart and Empty the Mind...

When one Stills the Mind all things shall be in harmony and balance...

By following the principle of Tao’s Natural Way,
all things can be done in a perfect manner.

                                     ~ Lao Tzu



Seeking the Tao - Meeting Masters

Taoist Shao Tianze

I met Teacher Shao quite by chance, being introduced to his Senior Dragon Gate Master.  Teacher Shao is an Adept of Many Taoist Arts, especially the Taoist Zither.  As an Elder Brother, we lived together in his hidden home temple, outside of Beijing.  Cultivating Tao, Discussing the Way of Inner Alchemy,  enjoying the Way of Tea, and Inner Meditation.

Bee Taoist of Wudang

Great Master Jia Yong Xiang of Wudang mountain, a wonderful example of the loving and carefree nature the Cultivation of Tao develops.  I spent many a days with him, in his cave behind Purple Heaven Palace - talking about Tao, discussing Inner Practice, and Meditation.  A wonderful and loving Master who I always respectfully termed as my  - 'Grandfather'.

Great Master Ren

Great Master Ren Farong was a wonderful influence on me, during my early years in China.  He is a highly respected Master who has a high level of understanding on the Inner Meaning of the Tao Te Ching, and the Way of Inner Alchemy.  Master Ren's temple, is a place of ancient mystery and power, and I have wonderful memories of my stay there.

What students are saying about our programs...  

* I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since childhood, and the practice of Taoist Yoga  and Qigong with Jesse has given me a safe foundation of Inner Peace to stand upon for the first time in my life.  I have tried many things, but I can say with an honest heart, that this truly is an Authentic Healing Art.  To be clear, this did not cure my troubles - but it showed me the way to the Medicine, and gave me the tools i will need to get there. I am more at peace now, I am happier and feel more complete In my practice and daily life, and I am so thankful for the gift of Taoist Practice.
- Nisha, Sweden
Thank you Jesse for making this program. I am shocked at how much I have felt myself change and the increase in energy is honestly astounding. I have felt very called to this practice for a while, and I wasn’t sure how to start it. After some research, I decided to give your program a shot, and I could not have made a better choice…..
- Nicholas, USA
*  Brilliant!   Clear review of what I already knew as a TCM acupuncturist with many more treasures added.  I am eager and willing now to apply to the practice.  I confess to being surprised at how pleasurable doing this is...! Thank you.. 
- Laura, Sweden
This is awesome.  Thank you sooo much.
- Judit, USA
*  Really enjoyed where I got to in this Program -  my flexibility was improving each day and meditation was greatly improved.  Thank you for teaching this. I fully see the benefits...  
- Dermot, UK

Karunesh - music for the body, heart and soul...

The Living Tao :Program has a wonderful background sound of World Fusion Music from the Maui based artist Karunesh.  We are featuring the soulful track 'Calling Wisdom' from his album 'Zen Breakfast'. Karunesh brings a wonderful background of Sacred Sound to our Living Tao Program.  

In Karunesh's own words describing his music - "I want to go beyond the limits and barriers separating different cultures, mixing different music styles and let them flow and dance together. Music is the one language in the world that everybody understands, across all cultures, religions and beliefs.

Rhythym is food for the body, melody nourishes the heart and atmospheres fill the soul - and my music touches the listener on all these three levels."  We are very happy to have these soulful sounds surround our Living Tao Training Program.

The Golden Mean 

In the Art of Taoist Yoga and Qigong, we follow a specialised method of practice that literally rejuvenates and brings one back to a harmony with nature and the Tao. How is this done..?  The Taoists uncovered the Unified Energetic Pattern of the Universe - and this Pattern was termed the Golden Mean. It is the Unified Energy Field, which is in a state of Supreme Balance.  When we are able to Return to this State of the Golden Mean - we may heal, rejuvenate and renew ourselves - literally Returning to a more Youthful and Vibrant condition.  This is done through a special approach to practice and the Way of Taoist Longevity Breath Training.  In Taoist Breath Work - we learn a special technique - Golden Mean Breathing - join the Living Tao Program and begin to learn the basics of this profound method of Rejuvenation, Breath Work and Self Healing today...!

Living Tao Program 

This course has such beautiful content -  practice methods which Awaken Healing Energy & Transform your Life.  We captured visually stunning scenery from our neighbourhood Zen Temple,  and present rare and unique training methods.  The Living Tao Program is literally like nothing else in the market...   

  • 5 unique Taoist Yoga & Qigong  training videos.                   VALUE - $75.
  • 5 unique Video Lectures on Taoist Yoga.                          VALUE - $75.  
  • Living Tao Workbook.                                                  VALUE - $25. 

We are so excited with our course, and want to support your health and healing goals - so we have decided to discount this program to $75 - this is a discount and savings of $100 - join now and begin walking the Path of Taoist Yoga & Qigong in your life - helping you to experience a wonderful life transformation, healing benefits and greater health and vitality...

JOIN NOW - Empower your Life - $75 -


Join our life changing program of self transformation, and begin your journey to Greater Health, Happiness and Harmony - ONLY $75 - Empower your Life -



*** Awaken Healing Energy and Empower your Life - $90. Savings ***


  • 5 Unique Taoist Yoga & Qigong Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health.  
  • 5 Video Lectures guiding you through the process of learning the 7 Star and 8 Immortal forms.   
  • BONUS - Taoist Longevity Breath Training with the Metal Element form and Spiral Body Movement training.
  • PDF workbook, containing an outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga and Qigong,  including Taoist Philosophy and a 25 day training journal.

In harmony with Tao, the sky is clear and spacious. the earth is solid and full, all creatures flourish together in harmony.

Return is the movement of the Tao.

Yielding is the way of the Tao.

One who is in harmony with Tao is like a newborn child...  soft and flexible; full of vital power.

complete in its harmony.

~ Lao Tzu


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