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Taoist Inner Alchemy Training

 MAY 7 - JULY 2, 2023

Register Below to take part in this Rare Offering - Truly a Life Changing Journey into the Heart of Taoist Inner Alchemy. 

  ☯️ Taoist Art of illumination ☯️

We would like to invite you to join us and experience a life changing journey into the Ancient Wisdom Tradition of Taoist Inner Alchemy

From the mists of time, humans have been exploring the Meaning of Life in this world and how we can reach our greatest potential and enhance our life experience.

Among the most Ancient of those Inquiries of Self, we may find the Taoist Tradition and the Transformative Way of Inner Alchemy Meditation.

Taoist Inner Alchemy is concerned with transforming the Inner Energy of the human being through systematic internal practice while in Deep Meditation.

This transformation of the Inner Energy will develop the Inner Elixir - bringing one an enduring state of internal harmony, vital health and Union with Nature .

This exciting course will begin from May 7th with Live LessonsInteractive Workshops and Prerecorded Practice Routines to follow.   We are very excited to guide you on a once in a lifetime journey into the wonderful practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy.

 The Taoist Art of Inner Alchemy Meditation is truly a treasure for us in these modern times - giving the gift of Greater Health, and Enhancing all aspects of our Life.   Come journey with us and discover the Magical World of Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice...

Your Guide - Jesse Lee Parker...


During this course training, you will be taught and guided by Jesse Lee Parker.  Jesse brings a wealth of experience to his lessons, having practiced the Taoist Arts since he was a young teenager, giving him well over 30 years of experience which he draws on in his insightful lessons.  Lessons with Jesse open up a vast and exciting well of wisdom and insight into the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Inner Alchemy.

Jesse currently is based in Japan, and  has been actively teaching there for over 12 years - sharing the gift of Taoist Practice with hundreds of students.

 We are so excited to be facilitating this very magical Taoist Inner Alchemy Training which begins on May 7th - this will truly be an amazing gathering - don't miss it..!

Come share in the magic and beauty of Taoist Inner Alchemy  with us - join our program and begin the first steps to greater health, happiness and peace in your life.

We look forward to training with you, and exploring the Way of Taoist Inner Alchemy together in this course training...

In this Program you will be guided in the Way of Taoist Inner Alchemy...


  • Learn a complete system of Taoist Inner Alchemy and Qigong Practice - starting with the basics and progressing step by step into advanced methods, and higher levels. 
  • Gain a Strong Foundation with TaoYin Training - TaoYin is a unique method of movements, stretching and mobility exercises from the Taoist School which builds health, enhances longevity, and prepares the body for Inner Alchemy Meditation.  
  • A Wonderful Oasis of Authentic Methods -  members of this course will gain a complete and enlightened view of Traditional Taoist Inner Alchemy and Qigong Practice.
  • Learn the Taoist Art of Nourishing Life - gain a deeper understanding about Health, Longevity and Wellness Exercise from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Tradition.
  • Be guided Step by Step through 5 Stages of Traditional Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice - members will gain Structured Progress, Physical Transformation, Development of Inner Energy, and a Strong Foundation for Spiritual Growth.


“I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher...”

What I like about Jesse is his authenticity and ability to show compassion and love to the people around him. 
Those kinds of qualities are extremely rare to find and I value how they were brought into each training session and our daily lessons on the Inner Alchemy Retreat in 2019. 

Jesse has an in depth understanding about not only the how but also the why when it comes to the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Neigong Training. This makes for fun and interesting theory lessons, which give clarity and understanding to the Taoist Practices themselves. 

I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher, and I look forward to working with him more in the future.                         
- Kevin, Australia

What is Inner Alchemy...   

 The Taoist Tradition of 'Inner Alchemy'  focuses on the cultivation and  transformation  of our Inner Energy - which supports the birth of our Spiritual Nature.

Inner Alchemy in the Chinese language is termed 'Neidan" - Nei -means Inner or Internal and Dan -  is a reference to the Alchemical Elixir of Immortality.  In English we can term this as Inner Alchemy Practice or the Art and Practice of the Inner Elixir.

Taoist Inner Alchemy is concerned with transforming the substance of the Inner Energy of the human being into a refined, rarified, and Pure Quality  - something which is True, Spiritual and Bright. This transformed energy, gathered to the Dantian is often termed the 'Elixir'.   This Transformation of the Inner Energy and Development of the Elixir, will give one Health, Healing, Longevity, Wisdom, and bring one closer to Nature and the Great Tao.

 During our Inner Alchemy Training in 2023, we will learn a complete and systematic approach of Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice as taught in the Northern Complete Perfection School of Daoism - which was passed on to us during our Apprenticeship in China.  During this course training, we will bring these esoteric methods into a clear, simple and organised structure.  We will present this course in an easy to follow process of moving through 5 Unique Stages of Practice - allowing for real embodied internal development to take place within the student. Our focus is to pass on practical training and real practice methods.



the Way to Eternity

May 7th - July 2, 2023 

In this very special Online Live Training - you will gain access to a complete system of practice in the Taoist Inner Alchemy Tradition - we will guide you in the Detailed Methods, Taoist Philosophy, Cosmology and Inner Alchemy Theory.

Journey into the Heart of Taoist Practice and learn by progressing through 5 Stages of Practice :

* STAGE 1 * MAY 7th - live lesson *

TaoYin Training - Transformation of the Physical - gain a soft, supple and flexible body - we will learn three TaoYin Movement routines - enhancing the health and flexibility of the physical body.

* STAGE 2 * MAY 21st - live lesson *

Taoist Seated Qigong - Longevity Self Massage - Nurture the Physical - Regain a Youthful State - Nurture the Inner Energy.

 * STAGE 3 * JUNE 4th - live lesson *

Taoist Inner Alchemy Training - Transformation of the Tendon & Washing of the Marrow -  we will learn and practice Taoist Meditation Postures to begin our Cultivation of Inner Energy.

* STAGE 4 * JUNE 18th - live lesson *

Taoist Inner Alchemy Training - we will expand our training and learn Bone Marrow Neigong to seal and preserve our energy after our Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation Sessions. 

* STAGE 5 * JULY 2nd - live lesson *

Taoist Inner Alchemy Training - Opening the Three Gates - Transformation of Energy and Developing Spirit - Lecture on the 9 Stages of Inner Alchemy,



"The transformation I’ve experienced from learning Taoist Qigong has been incredibly supportive in my life..”


Learning Taoist Qigong with Jesse has allowed me to develop and nurture myself deeply from an energetic layer.   From developing and nurturing the energetic aspects of myself, my body is feeling as vital as ever, and I’ve reached the most sustained level of calm and happy emotionally and centred mentally that I’ve ever felt. Since beginning learning the Golden Lotus Neigong training, my ability to be adaptable and be “in flow” in my relationships and life’s circumstances has improved dramatically. I am so thankful for that!

It is clear that Jesse’s knowledge and embodiment of Taoist Practice come with a lifetime of experience. It is rare to find a teacher of this ancient wisdom from the East, who can be so relatable in our modern and westernised way of living, and hold such a complete system that fulfils all aspects of being a human - physical body, energetic, mental, emotional, vitality, longevity, and spirituality. I’ve never felt so adeptly guided in how to work with my internal energies.

I’m happy to now be a Certified Teacher, sharing the goodness of Immortal Arts Qigong with my own students in Australia. 

Sally - Australia 


Journey to Thousand Peak Mountain

Hello my friend, and thank you for finding my website.  My name is Jesse Lee Parker and I have been practicing the Taoist Arts of Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation for well over 30 years now.  The Taoist Internal Arts are my passion in life, and I look forward to share my experience with you in our new course.

Our upcoming course will begin on May 7th and we will be guiding a special group in the  Way of Taoist Inner Alchemy.  This will truly be an inspiring and life changing course.  I hope to see you online and I look forward to practicing together...

I wanted to share my story with you, so you can know where these teachings came from, and the efforts I put into my search, study and learning of Taoist Practice. 

I discovered the Way of Taoist Inner Alchemy in a very beautiful area in Northern China - the Thousand Peak Mountain range.  Thousand Peak Mountain has been a sacred land for both Taoist and Buddhist Adepts for centuries - especially for the Dragon Gate Taoist School.

In the Spring  of 2002 - I was living in Beijing, and searching for a Qigong Master in China.  I contacted many Qigong schools, centers and people I met, searching for a traditional program. Through pure luck, I gained an introduction to Master Wang Tao who taught traditional Taoist Inner Alchemy as found in the Northern Taoist Complete Perfection School.



Life Changing Journey

In order to learn with Master Wang Tao, I had to travel across China to the far North East, in an area called Anshan, which is in Liaoning Province - my destination was 'Thousand Peak Mountain'. This was a very long journey, and little did I know, but this encounter would be an event which would change the entire course and direction of my life destiny.

The program which Master Wang asked me to follow was very detailed, highly organised, exact and strenuous - day in and day out - rising at 5 am to perform the  Longevity Qigong Exercises as our warm up, and then sit for extended periods of time in meditation - holding esoteric Taoist Mudra for so long that your arms and hands would tremble, shake and a slow, dull pain would arise throughout the body --  we trained continuously for well over a month - with four practice sessions each day.  I made many breakthroughs, amazing discoveries , and awakened my Inner Energy.   During the retreat training, I was guided to pass through the Stages of Inner Alchemy Practice - giving me a view of a Complete System of Taoist Practice.  This marked the beginning of a deep exploration into Inner Alchemy practice - and I returned to China many times to continue my study with Master Wang Tao.

After over twenty years of self practice, exploration and teaching of Taoist Inner Alchemy, I would like to share with you this truly amazing and life changing practice. 

If you have been searching for the Way of Taoist Meditation, Qigong or Inner Alchemy Practice, you are in the right place and we look forward to sharing this truly amazing Tradition with you.  Check for more details below, register, and we look forward to passing on the Way of Inner Alchemy to you.

The time to Open the Gate has come...


Jesse Lee Parker





 MAY 7 - JULY 2, 2023

In this exciting Taoist Inner Alchemy Training, we will guide our members through a Systematic Learning Experience with Live Lessons - Students may also learn and follow along at their own pace and rhythm - as all live lessons will be recorded and uploaded to our Learning Center -  Our Lesson times will be listed below in Pacific Daylight Time -  (California time zone)  --


  • LESSON 1 - May 7 -- Stage 1 - TaoYin Training - Physical Transformation & Health Cultivation ---   5:00pm - 7:00pm - (PDT - California) -
  • LESSON 2 - May 21 -- Stage 2 - Taoist Seated Qigong - Longevity Self Massage - Health Cultivation  ---   5:00pm - 7:00pm - (PDT - California) -
  •  LESSON 3 - June 4 - Stage 3 - Taoist Inner Alchemy - Tendon Transformation - Cultivation of Inner Energy  ---   5:00pm - 7:00pm - (PDT - California) - 



 MAY 7 - JULY 2, 2023


  • LESSON 4 - June 18 - Stage 4 - Taoist Inner Alchemy - Bone Marrow Neigong  - Body Tapping - Sealing the Earth Gate - Storing the Inner Energy - Standing Meditation  --- 5:00pm - 7:00pm - (PDT - California) - 
  • LESSON 5 - July 2 - Stage 5 - Taoist Inner Alchemy - Opening the Three Gates - Transformation of Energy - Lecture and Teaching on the 9 Stages of Inner Alchemy ---   5:00pm - 7:00pm - (PDT - California) - 


“Taoist Practice helps me to flow more with nature - I feel so youthful again...


When I first began Taoist Practice with Jesse, I honestly did not know what to expect. 

My first practice session felt so natural.

As we went through the different Taoist Mudras in seated meditation, I remember feeling this sense of surrendering.

In the beginning all I wanted to know was  "can I be healed?"

Jesse expressed, “as we practice, we practice not as a healing art -- but rather as a lifestyle. When we approach practice this way - we don't have to think about healing. Healing comes naturally." 

I have met other Taoist Teachers, however, the way Jesse teaches about the root of this practice: all the theory, terms, and history - shifted this common experience of: ‘student entering class’  - into -   ‘student entering life’.

Because of these Taoist Teachings, I feel so connected to nature while being reminded that I am also nature.

I am capable of living in my True Natural State. I am reminded that I am Pure, Clean and filled with Golden Light.

Because of this sacred act of tenderness with the practice - as I tend to my body, heart and mind - I flow more with nature - I now feel so youthful again..! 

- Dominique Sade - Atlanta - USA



Inner Alchemy Training will bring many wonderful benefits to your life...

Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice is a complete system of Internal Meditation which has developed over many generations of masters and practitioners in ancient China.  The Practice of Inner Alchemy views that the process of internal development will take place in stages - beginning with the physical body, leading to working with the training of the mind and transformation of the emotions.  The final stage will lead to the Awakening of our Innate Nature and True Heart.  During these stages our Inner Energy plays the vital role as a bridge - unifying these different aspects of self into a state of profound union and harmony.
 The first benefit most will notice from the practice is the improvement of the physical body - we feel more young, vital, and energetic - often chronic pain and stiffness go away - often our physical stamina and endurance will improve.  The inner calm from practice helps to give us a grounded strength which allows us to navigate life with clarity.
The second benefit that develops from regular practice is a state of inner calm, and a natural inner happiness arises.  Often feelings of stress, or unbalanced emotional states seem to dissolve into a centered state of a calm and peaceful focused awareness.
Taoist Inner Alchemy is such a wonderful method with many layers of depth, wisdom and beauty - we look forward to sharing this wonderful practice with you in this special course offering.

“The energy from the daily practice sessions brought such a big transformation in my life...”


The Inner Alchemy Retreat Training in 2019  - was truly a wonderful time we spent, immersed in exploration of the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

It was a great pleasure to have met all of our Taoist Family from all over the world and to have shared such a special time together.  The experience touched me deeply.

The energy from the daily Inner Alchemy and Qigong practice sessions with Jesse, made such a wonderful connection to my Heart and it brought such a big transformation in my life.

Everyday was full of learning, with deep gifts of awakening and healing energy. 

I wish this wonderful wisdom from the Taoist Tradition can spread to many people, so we all may Walk in harmony with the Great Natural Way of Tao.

I am full of gratitude for the great love and peace that developed from the days spent practicing the Taoist Arts with Jesse and the other students.

I truly feel blessed.

Thank you.
Ayumi , Japan


Because you are alive,  everything is possible 

Smile, breathe and go slowly.

Breathing in, I calm body and mind.

Breathing out, I smile.


Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is the only moment.

The mind can go in a thousand directions,

but on this beautiful path,  I walk in peace.


With each step,  the wind blows.

With each step,  a flower blooms.


Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.

Our own life has to be our message. 


Venerable Master Thich Nhat Hanh


“Taoist Qigong has given me the foundation of Inner Peace and Happiness... ”

I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since childhood, and Taoist Qigong has given me the foundation of Inner Peace and Happiness for the first time in my life.  I really feel thankful.

I thought I had a pretty clear picture about what to expect from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Retreat in 2019, but I must say this experience gave me more then I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

Our Teacher Jesse carefully guided us, to face some of our inner sadness, stress or fear during the training, which many of us carry around in our daily life - yet we were guided to let it all transform naturally and blossom into the flower of inner peace.

I have tried many things in my life, but I can say with an honest heart, that this truly is an Authentic Healing Art which Jesse teaches. 
The things I learned about myself together with the other members,  is beyond what I could have ever expected. 

It was not something magical or unreal..
It was something true and raw - a connection to my very being.  I can only describe it with one word - Happiness.

To be clear, the Inner Alchemy Training Retreat did not cure all my troubles - but I was shown the way to the Medicine, and was given the tools i will need to get there.

I am more at peace now, I am happier and feel more complete In my practise and daily life, and I am so thankful for the gift of Taoist Practice, and for the friends and Tao Family I have met on this journey...
- Nisha, Sweden 



MAY 7 - JULY 2, 2023

Taoist Inner Alchemy Training 2023 


  • REGISTER NOW - SAVE -  $120usd - 

Joining the Taoist Inner Alchemy Training 2023 - you will gain access to the following :  

  • Immediate Access and Membership: Practice with 5 Unique Qigong Video Lessons and 5 Lectures on Practice with our Living Tao Program.  Guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by learning the 7 Star Qigong,  and the 8 Immortal TaoYin Method.  
  • Immediate Access to: Taoist Inner Alchemy Learning Center - with our Preparation Practice Video of Dantian Development by following the guided practice of Dragon & Tiger Qigong.
  • Starting May 7th, 2023 -  We will begin delivering our first of FIVE LIVE LESSONS detailing the practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy guiding you through Unique Stages of Development in Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice.  We will share Oral Teachings on the Inner Process of Development, Taoist Philosophy, and Energetic Anatomy.
  • Detailed PDF workbook and learning materials : we will provide detailed workbooks, and learning materials, to aid in your study and learning.
  • Prerecorded Video detailing each practice routine :  we will provide two unique prerecorded videos as a companion to each Live Lesson - for a total of ten videos - each practice video will highlight the Inner Alchemy and Qigong lesson routines - making home practice and learning easy, simple and focused.
  • Lessons may be taken Live by ZOOM - or you may watch at your own pace from the Online Learning Center.  Members will also have access to our Private Facebook Group, where we will upload lesson videos, and post Taoist philosophy and related theory.
  • Live Lessons will be Recorded, and kept in our archive in the Taoist Inner Alchemy Online Learning Center - so you may log in at any time and review past lessons at your own pace. Members will have full access to the Learning Center for 9 months.  


Register NOW for this Amazing Inner Alchemy Training in 2023...


1. Check below and pick one of three course payment options. You can pay the Tuition Fee in one payment of $375, and save $120 off the full price of $495 - or you may also make multiple payments over either a 3 month period or a 5 month period.  Please contact us if you have a question or need financial assistance - we are here to support you in your education and learning of the Taoist Arts.

2. After your Payment and Registration is complete - you will have FULL ACCESS to our Inner Alchemy Learning Center with the Preparation Practice Training Video to help you prepare for the upcoming Neidan - Taoist Inner Alchemy Training.  NOTE - members will also have full access to our Living Tao -  8 Immortal TaoYin Program to help prepare for the upcoming training program.  

--- Our First Live Lesson  - will begin on May 7th, 2023 ---

*By registering and paying your Course Fee - you agree with our terms and conditions listed below - please read our terms and conditions.*


*Terms and Conditions Policy*

All members please read our terms and conditions policy by clicking the link below. We maintain a no refund policy for any reason. In the case of your cancelation, a portion of your payment may be used as credit for another program or retreat to be taken within two years of your original program date. We will gladly also transfer your course credit to another person. Please read our full policy details by clicking the link below.










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