Join us for a Life Changing Journey

Beginning March 5th, 2022 we will guide a select few to experience the transformative power of Taoist Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation - truly a Life Changing Journey and an exciting exploration of the Taoist Arts of Wellness and Longevity.

Teacher Training 2022 - Awaken the Golden Elixir


Experience the Immortal Arts System - enter the world of Taoist Qigong, Neigong, and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

Ancient Wisdom 


The Taoist Tradition is one of the Ancient Wisdom Traditions we may find which is still being practiced in these modern times.  The Taoist Masters of Old went on a search, to discover the Secret of the Golden Elixir, and how to transform the Health, Vitality and State of Wellness of the Human.  This inquiry into Longevity and Immortality has lasted thousands of years, and we may benefit from their discoveries in these modern times.  We seek to honestly share our discoveries and experience with you in this course - giving you the gift of the vast wealth of knowledge contained in the Taoist Wellness and Longevity Arts of Qigong, Neigong, TaoYin and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  The Taoist Health Arts truly are a treasure for us in these modern and stressful times we find ourselves in.  We are so happy to share these Transformative Methods such as Taoist Qigong, and Inner Alchemy Meditation with you.

If you have an interest to learn more about the details and costs to join this special training please click the link below to learn more. 

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Experience a New Life


We strive to bring our members of the Earth & Sky Reconnection - Teacher Training 2022 - through a wonderful experience of Self Transformation - deeply exploring all aspects of the Taoist Arts.  This journey will begin March 5th, 2022.  We are designing this course to be deeply life changing, transformative and inspirational on all levels.  On completion of this Teacher Training Course, members may return to their communities, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, deeper understanding, technique and experience in the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Meditation - changing lives, healing hearts, and enlightening minds.  What difference can one person make..?  We believe a lot.  We feel that with more Mentors and Guides sharing the Taoist Healing Arts of Qigong and Meditation in the world, that these small actions can help to transform individuals as well as the greater society at large in a more positive direction.  One of our favourite inspirational sayings is, 'Be the Change you wish to see in the World...'  Everyone of us can make a difference in the World - the first step lies in our intention to do so - we wish to make a difference in your life through this powerful Training Course, by empowering you with a balanced education in Taoist Philosophy, Traditional Medicine Theory and Authentic Qigong Training...

Your Guide & Teacher


During this course training, you will be taught and guided by Jesse Lee Parker, learning the arts of Taoist Qigong, Neigong, and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  Jesse brings a wealth of experience to his lessons, having practiced the Taoist Arts of Qigong, TaoYin, Neigong and the Internal Martial Arts since he was a young teenager - giving him well over 30 years of experience which he draws on in his lessons.  Jesse is a rare individual, having lived and studied intensively in China, learning from Modern day Taoist Masters.   Living in China brought Jesse to experience the root source of Taoist Practice  - giving him valuable insights into the essence of the Path of Tao, Qigong Practice, and Inner Alchemy Meditation - his lessons bring an amazing clarity, lucidity and depth of knowledge not easily found in todays world.  This comprehensive program which Jesse has organised, will truly be a balanced course of study, practice, and self mastery in the Taoist Arts.

This will not just be a course of learning Qigong exercise - this will truly be a life changing experience, that will last with the members long after the program has  finished.  The video below is from the Living Tao Program, and shows some examples of the Taoist Qigong Methods we will learn together in this Teacher Training Course in 2022.

May all our actions help to bring forth peace, balance and harmony for all people on the planet at this time.


Immortal Arts System


The Way of Energy Development from the Taoist Tradition...  The Immortal Arts System is a modern and comprehensive approach to Taoist Practice, drawn from over 30 years of study, practice and research.   We will share  a unified, and holistic system of Taoist Practice covering methods drawn from the Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation Traditions.  In this exciting Teacher Training Program, we will guide our members through a unique process of Taoist Inner Alchemy, guiding one to Awaken Healing Energy and learn a complete and traditional system of Taoist Practice. Members will be guided through various unique Practice Sets of Qigong, Nei Gong, Nei Dan, and Tao Yin drawn from the Taoist Immortal Arts.  We also will  learn Taoist Longevity Breath Training, and have detailed lectures on Taoist Philosophy, Cosmology, and the process of Energy Development.  Our Teacher Training Program is comprehensive, in depth, and also a lot of fun..! 

This Teacher Training Program is open to everyone.  We warmly welcome those who are complete beginners.  You do not need any previous experience to take this training.  This course will also be very enlightening and inspiring for any advanced practitioners of Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, or those who practice the Healing Arts.  We warmly welcome everyone with an interest to join.

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YiJin Jing - 易筋經 - Muscle - Tendon Transformation Classic

The YiJin Jing is a Traditional Qigong Training Method found in both the Taoist and the Buddhist Schools in China.  We also find the YiJin Jing practiced by Martial Artist, Healers, and also those who are seeking a Spiritual Path. There are many different versions and styles of this Qigong Method, but the YiJin Jing is popularly attributed to the First Patriarch of Zen Buddhism Bodhidharma, who is said to have lived during the 5th and 6th Century.  There are other historians who view that the practice and theory was arranged by the Taoist Priest Zining.  Because of such a long history of legend and myth surrounding the practice of the YiJin Jing, there are many different sets of exercises and approaches to this training. 
If we look at the term 'YiJin Jing', the word 'Yi' - refers to Change and Transformation - the word 'Jin' - refers to tendon, muscle and sinew - but also includes the concept of fascia tissue.  'Jing' - refers to a Classic of high value, or a Traditional Method of Practice.
During our Teacher Training Program in 2022, we will share a very Traditional Set of Seated Yijin Jing Practice which is drawn from the Dragon Gate Taoist School, which was passed on to us by our Elder Dragon Gate Taoist Brother - Master Adept Shao Tianze. 
The theory or concept of the Yi Jin Jing Training is to transform the sinews, muscles, and tendons into a state of enhanced flexibility which will also contains a unique quality of internal strength. The movements and postures of the YiJin Jing are often dynamic, vigorous and lively, yet they are balanced with a soft and internal quality - the balanced effect is created by combining what we might think of as 'hard and soft' or 'internal and external'.
To perform the YiJin Jing properly, one must seek a unity of the Mind-Will, the Physical Body and the Inner Strength. One will guide and direct the posture and movement with the Mind-Will, then coordinate and combine the physicality with the breath.  The learning develops in stages, and mastery does not come in a day.




YiJin Jing - 易筋經 - Muscle - Tendon Transformation Classic

Transformation of the  muscles, sinews and tendons helps one to have better health, a more youthful body shape, resistance to disease, increased flexibility, and a quality of internal endurance. 
We may think that some of the effects and benefits of training in the YiJin Jing will be : 
  • The physical postures will influence the nervous system of the body - relaxing and repairing the nervous system.
  • The stretching postures will effect the muscles, bones, joints, tendons and sinews - which lead to effect the organs, open the Meridian System,  and develop a smooth flow of Qi Energy within the Meridian System..
  • Exerting the twisting and spiralling force with the body during the practice will bring balance to the metabolism, balance the hormone system,  and aid in producing Vital Essence or 'Jing' - which aids in developing the State of Longevity.
  • Deep Breathing during the postures will produces Qi Energy -  which leads to refining and purifying the Qi Energy - which then benefits the health of the physical body - enhancing the State of Longevity.
  • Regular Practice will also bring balance, harmony and strength to the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

See the below photos to see some examples of the Taoist YiJin Jing we will learn in our Course Training, as demonstrated by Dragon Gate Taoist Shao Tianze.


“Jesse is a Great and Knowledgable Teacher....”

My experience on the Earth & Sky Reconnection 2019 Teacher Training with Jesse was nothing short of enlightening, rejuvenating and beneficial.
Jesse is a great and knowledgeable teacher in the Taoist Arts.  During the 2019 course training, I rose everyday with the sun -  training in the Taoist Arts of Qigong, Neigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation - we went deep, and the lessons were profound.  I work as an Acupuncturist, and the lessons fit seamlessly into the theory I learned from my Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine training.
We learned a lot together from the basics of Qigong Theory, Taoism, and awesome Taoist Qigong Movement training.  Jesse was always down to talk, answer my questions, train more and be accessible to anything I needed...
Highly Recommend this Training...

Tagan - New York City - USA - 
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Wúyī QínTze - 吳一琹子


Taoist Adept QinTze is a Taoist Teacher from deep in the Heart of Mainland China, and is the director of the Qin Valley Taoist Retreat Center in the Wudang Mountains.  Teacher QinTze is a Taoist Brother of Jesse, and they have lived, practiced and studied together for many years in Mainland China.  Teacher QinTze became a Taoist practitioner at a very young age, as he was born with a weak constitution, and suffered from poor health.  QinTze was apprenticed in his youth to Grand Master Su from the QinCheng Mountain area.  Under Grand Master Su, he was taught many health building practices such as Taoist Qigong, Nourishing Life Practices,  and Longevity Breathwork.  When QinTze became older, Grand Master Su sent QinTze to live and study on Mount Wudang, where QinTze learned Taoist Martial Arts such as PaKua, TaiChi, Hsing Yi and many styles of Taoist Sword Play.  During our lesson and lecture with Teacher QinTze, we will be able to catch some of the spirit, culture and essence of the Taoist Mountain Tradition - streamed in live from the deep Mountains of Mainland China.  Teacher QinTze is also an expert in many styles of Taoist Music and will also grace us with a performance of the Ancient Taoist Zither, called the Guqin.  Take a look at the video below to see an example of Teacher QinTze's beautiful Taoist Style Tai Chi demonstration at the Taoist Temple of the 8 Immortals.


David Wei - Wayfarer of Vast Capacity 


David Wei - 魏 资 容 - is a very dear friend and Taoist Brother of Jesse.  David and Jesse met in the Wudang Mountains in 2007, and became Taoist Practice Brothers - sharing many experiences training and practicing in the Taoist Mountains of China together.

David is a 16th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, an instructor of Taoist Wellness Arts and also  a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage. Under the direct guidance of Daoist Priest, Master Yuan Xiu Gang, David completed many hours of formal training in the Internal Martial Arts, Medical Qigong and Taoist Meditation. 

We are very happy and honoured to have David Wei share his experience, wisdom, and  insights with our student group as a Guest Teacher during the Earth and Sky Reconnection Teacher Training 2022.






Yuko Kon - 祐光


We are very fortunate and lucky to be graced by the healing presence of Immortal Arts Senior Teacher - Yuko Kon during our course training.   Yuko has been a student of the healing arts for well over 15 years, having explored Energy Work, Stone Healing, and the indigenous Japanese Energy Healing System of Reiki - but once she found Taoist Practice she committed her whole heart to this Path .  Yuko has been a long term student of Jesse, and also has journeyed to China on nine separate occasions -  learning directly from Jesse's Taoist Masters, and also exploring the Taoist Sacred Sites in China. 

 Yuko currently focuses her teaching on areas involving 'Women's Healing and Empowerment'.  Yuko will give lectures and teachings detailing the unique Taoist Female Practices and Female Specific Meditation Techniques.  The Taoist Tradition is very unique, in that throughout the history, there have always been Female Masters.  So we may find very unique teachings of Taoist Qigong and Taoist Meditation which speak on the female body, and offer unique meditation techniques to aid the Female Adept.  While Yuko's lessons will be focused on Women's Practice, it is important for Men to also learn about these teachings, and gain a well rounded and holistic view of Taoist Practice Methods.  Please see the video below for an example of the beautiful Taoist Qigong Practice of Yuko performing Swimming Dragon Qigong.


Earth & Sky Reconnection 2022 - Awaken the Golden Elixir


MARCH 5TH - AUGUST 27, 2022


The Earth & Sky Reconnection  Teacher Training 2022  - will be taught through LIVE lessons via ZOOM.  Students may attend Live, but also may watch the lessons through our Online Learning Center - all lessons will be uploaded online - Students may learn and follow along at their own pace and rhythm.  Lesson times will be listed below in PT - California time  ---  example:  9:00am Los Angeles, California  -- will be --> 12:00pm in New York City -- 17:00pm in London -- 18:00pm in Paris.  *** Guest Teachers Lessons and lectures will be announced during the course training, and will be held during the regular scheduled Saturday class time.

  • March 5th / 12th / 19th  - Lesson & Practice with Jesse -  9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California)
  • * March 26th - Tao Sangha - -  9:00am -10:30am - (PT - California)   
  • April 9th / 16th / 23rd  - Lecture & Practice with Jesse -  9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California) - 
  • * April  30th - Tao Sangha - -  9:00am - 10:30am - (PT - California) - 
  • May 7th / 14th  /21st - Lecture & Practice with Jesse -  9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California) - 
  • * May 28th - Tao Sangha - -  9:00am - 10:30am - (PT - California) -  


MARCH 5TH - AUGUST 27, 2022


The Earth & Sky Reconnection  Teacher Training 2022  - will be taught through LIVE lessons via ZOOM.  Students may attend Live, but also may watch the lessons at their own pace through our Online Learning Center - Lesson times will be listed below in PT - California time  


  •  June 11th / 18th / 25th  - Lecture & Practice with Jesse - 9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California) -
  • * July 9th - Tao Sangha -  - 9:00am - 10:30am - (PT - California) -  
  • July 16th / 23rd / 30th  - Lecture & Practice with Jesse - 9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California) -
  • * August 6th - Tao Sangha -   - 9:00am - 10:00am - (PT - California) -  
  • August 13th / 20th / 27th - Lecture & Practice with Jesse - 9:00am - 11:00am - (PT - California) - 


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A Journey of Self Transformation 

Come experience the Magic of the Taoist Immortal Arts and begin walking the Path of Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation today...

“The energy from the daily practice sessions brought such a big transformation in my life...”


The Earth & Sky Reconnection  2019  - was truly a wonderful time we spent, immersed in exploration of the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

It was a great pleasure to have met all of our Taoist Family from all over the world and to have shared such a special time together.  The experience touched me deeply.

The energy from the daily practice sessions with Jesse, made such a wonderful connection to my Heart and it brought such a big transformation in my life.

Everyday was full of learning, with deep gifts of awakening and healing energy. 

I wish this wonderful wisdom from the Taoist Tradition can spread to many people, so we all may Walk in harmony with the Great Natural Way of Tao.

I am full of gratitude for the great love and peace that developed from the days spent practicing the Taoist Arts with Jesse and the other students.

I truly feel blessed.

Thank you.
Ayumi , Japan


In this very special Online Retreat and Teacher Training Program - you will gain access to rarely seen methods and techniques from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Tradition - we will guide you to Awaken your Inner Energy, Discover your True Heart and  Gain Self Transformation.   

Earth and Sky Reconnection - March 5th ~ August 27th, 2022 - Journey into the Heart of Taoist Practice 

In this Online Teacher Training you will experience and learn Taoist Training Methods drawn from the following practices :

* 5 Element Meridian Stretching *

* Dragon & Tiger Qigong - Dantian Center Activation  *

* 8 Immortal TaoYin *

* Tai Chi Ruler Qigong *

* Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation Practice and Theory *

* Taoist Longevity Breath Training *

* Golden Lotus Neigong Training *

*  Swimming Dragon Qigong *

* Sleeping Immortal Qigong *

* Taoist Tendon Changing Qigong *

* Taoist Mudra and Hand Seal Training *

* Opening of the Energy Gates -- Clear Light Meditation Practice *


***Course Contents is subject to Change --- adjustments may be made depending on the participants interests, and ability.***







Graduates of this Program will receive three unique certificates with our Immortal Arts International Association - after passing the required written exams, and submitting video demonstration of the required Qigong forms for Taoist Qigong - Level - 1. We currently have Teachers Certified in over 9 Countries - we welcome you to join the Immortal Arts Movement..!


This is our Official Instructors Certificate for Taoist Qigong - Level - 1.  Members will receive this certificate upon submission of the written exam, documented practice hours, and video demonstration of the required Qigong forms. 


This is the certificate which shows you completed all of the required classroom hours, and practice hours during the course training. Every member will receive this certificate after completing the course program.


This is our Official Immortal Arts Certified Studio Certificate.  Members will receive this certificate upon submission of the written exam, documented practice hours, and video demonstration of the required Qigong forms. 

Golden Lotus Neigong - Gateway to Health & Vitality

In Taoist Practice it was always taught that the Beginning is the most important - with a strong beginning, success can be had.   Foundation Training begins with transformation of the body - this means learning to create specialised shapes and movement patterns with the body that will transform the Tendon and Bone, and help to heal and Strengthen the Inner Organs. As we work with the body, the Shapes and Forms will do something very special - they begin the process of Opening the Energy Meridian system and the Energy Gates- this is where healing takes place - When the Energy Meridians can open and the Qi Energy flows - Health & Vitality form in the body. 
Tao Foundation Training is a wonderful and detailed journey into the authentic way of Taoist Practice and will be a core aspect of our learning in the 'Earth & Sky Reconnection - Teacher Training 2022'.
Our learning begins with 3 Foundation Training Methods -- the Golden Lotus Neigong, the 8 Immortal TaoYin, and  Iron Turtle Core Conditioning. The Golden Lotus Neigong Training  is a comprehensive seated form which works on the following areas: opens the meridian system / transforms the fascia and tendon network / opens the major joints / trains the breath / awakens the Dantian Center / begins to build Inner Qi Energy.  We will learn the entire and complete sequence of the Golden Lotus Neigong during our Course Training together.
Golden Lotus Neigong is amazing in its design, and brings one to a great state of health, balance and inner peace. One special benefit of the Golden Lotus Neigong is the effect on the hormone system and the metabolism - the practice balances the hormone system and brings one back to a youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated state.  You literally feel younger physically and also mentally.  Golden Lotus Neigong will be a core aspect of our curriculum in the 'Earth & Sky Reconnection - Teacher Training 2022'.  Take a look below at a few of the key postures and movements you will learn in the Golden Lotus Neigong training.  If you have an interest in taking part in this amazing training, please enter your email below to gain more details and information on the program costs and how to register.
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“What is Inner Alchemy...”



In the Taoist Tradition, we find the Practice of 'Inner Alchemy', which focuses on the cultivation, and transformation of our Inner Energy - through Physical Methods such as Tao Yin and Qigong Training, Breathwork and also Seated Meditation Practice.

Taoist Inner Alchemy as a practice focuses to develop and transform the Inner Energy of the human being.   This transformation and development of the Inner Energy will give one greater health, healing, intuition, and a more youthful feeling body.   Through this practice one will also develop Inner Wisdom, Mental Clarity, and feel closer to Nature.  During our training together during the 'Earth & Sky Reconnection - Teacher Training 2022', we will learn the Foundation Practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation, and also the related Philosophy and Practical Theory.  Our approach will be to ground the student in an embodied practice, leading to direct experience of the methods, and how to relate this esoteric practice into the everyday life experience - leading the student to gain an enhanced life experience of greater health, inner peace and vitality.

Taoist Symbology and Cosmology explained....

In our time together during our Earth & Sky Reconnection Teacher Training 2022 - we will learn aspects of Taoist Theory, Philosophy, Cosmology and the meaning of Ancient Taoist Symbols.  The use of Taoist Symbols and understanding the hidden meaning contained within the diagrams is a very important part of learning the Taoist Qigong Practice and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  This is drawn from the Taoist 'Oral Tradition' - and we will share these insights with you exactly as they were taught to us by our Teachers.  Knowledge of the Inner Meaning of Taoist Symbols will help the student to feel a connection to the history od Taoist Practice, and also gain clarity, and a deeper understanding of the relationship of these symbols to the Practice Methods we are learning.  This exploration into Taoist Symbols is a lot of fun, very insightful, and helps to bridge the ancient past with our modern day practice in a clear and enlightening way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Study ☯️

We will explore both the modern and ancient theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) during our course study together.  Our aim will be to gain a deeper theoretical understanding of Taoist Qigong Practice and the relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory. 
We will explore such topics as: Yin Yang Theory, the 5 Elements, Energy Meridian Theory, Acupoint Location, and Zang Fu Organ theory.  We will also look deeply into the concepts of the various types of Qi Energy, as outlined in the Traditional Medicine View.
Having a solid foundation in TCM theory will be a fun and interesting aspect of our Teacher Training Course in 2022.  With a good Foundation in TCM theory, one will have a very valuable tool to explore Qigong Practice, life and the cultivation of Vital Health. 

“Ancestor Chen Tuan”


 Ancestor Chen Tuan - 陳摶  - was a very important Taoist Sage said to have been born over 900 years ago.  Ancestor Chen Tuan is credited as the founder of a few unique styles of Qigong, Kung Fu and Inner Alchemy Meditation.  Ancestor Chen Tuan is most famous for his development of a unique style of ‘Sleeping Immortal Qigong’ which is a method that follows the theory of Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation - but in a reclining, 'sleep like' posture.  Ancestor Chen Tuan is also very famous for creating the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong Practice which was once taught to the Imperial Family.

During our time together in the ‘Earth & Sky Reconnection - Teacher Training 2022’ course , we will learn methods passed down from Ancestor Chen Tuan such as the Practice of Sleeping Immortal Qigong, and the Taoist Longevity Art of  Tai Chi Ruler Qigong.

Please check below to see some pictures showing the practices of the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong and the Sleeping Immortal Qigong we will learn during our Online Course Training in 2022...

Learn More about our Taoist Qigong Teacher Training 2022

“I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher...”

What I like about Jesse is his authenticity and ability to show compassion and love to the people around him. 
Those kinds of qualities are extremely rare to find and I value how they were brought into each training session and our daily lessons on the Earth & Sky Reconnection 2019. 

Jesse has an in depth understanding about not only the how but also the why when it comes to the Taoist Arts of Qigong and Neigong Training. This makes for fun and interesting theory lessons, which give clarity and understanding to the Taoist Practices themselves. 

I would highly recommend Jesse as a teacher, and I look forward to working with him more in the future.                         
- Kevin, Australia


“Taoist Practice reminded me that I am Pure, Clean and filled with Golden Light...


When I first began Taoist Practice with Jesse, I honestly did not know what to expect. 

My first practice session felt so natural.

As we went through the different Taoist Mudras in seated meditation, I remember feeling this sense of surrendering.

In the beginning all I wanted to know was  "can I be healed?"

Jesse expressed, “as we practice, we practice not as a healing art -- but rather as a lifestyle. When we approach practice this way - we don't have to think about healing. Healing comes naturally." 

I have met other Taoist Teachers, however, the way Jesse teaches about the root of this practice: all the theory, terms, and history - shifted this common experience of: ‘student entering class’  - into -   ‘student entering life’.

Because of these Taoist Teachings, I feel so connected to nature while being reminded that I am also nature.

I am capable of living in my True Natural State. I am reminded that I am Pure, Clean and filled with Golden Light.

Because of this sacred act of tenderness with the practice - as I tend to my body, heart and mind - I flow more with nature - I now feel so youthful again..!

Thank you, Jesse for sharing your wisdom and the sacred teachings of the Tao...   

- Dominique Sade - Atlanta - USA



We have compiled a truly amazing manual for this course training, that will also serve as a reflective journal for daily contemplation of Taoist Philosophy, and a guide for daily practice.

Energy Body

The study and exploration of the Energetic Body is a key theme and concept in the Immortal Arts System.  The teachings of the Energy Body has been an oral tradition in most of the different Wisdom Traditions, and as a result, often we find incomplete teachings in modern times.  We have created a unique teaching method, to give one a clear understanding on the Energetic System, and its relation to the Physical Practice and Technique.

Teacher Training Manuals

During our period of teaching in Japan for over 9 years, we have organised and complied a wide variety of our teachings in print form, and all of this has been put into our manuals with a lot of love.  Diagrams of the Energetic Body, Taoist Theory, Qigong Practice, and the Principles of Taoist Cosmology. We have taken the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Path, and organised the teachings in a modern way, to shed light, wisdom and understanding.  

Tao Life Journal

A key part of our Training Manual is the activity of daily journal writing and contemplation.  We have compiled key sections from Taoist Philosophy to stimulate contemplation and self reflection - which will help to inspire your reflective journal writing.   Journal writing is very important as we develop the ability of 'Self Observation', and 'Self Reflection' - which are very important skills as we begin to gain deeper awareness of our Inner Self. 

“Taoist Practice has given me the foundation of Inner Peace for the first time in my life. ”

I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since childhood, and learning the Taoist Practices of Qigong and Meditation has given me the foundation of Inner Peace and Serenity for the first time in my life.  I really feel thankful.

I thought I had a pretty clear picture about what to expect from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Retreat and Teacher Training 2019, but I must say this experience gave me more then I ever could have hoped for or imagined.

Our Teacher Jesse carefully guided us, to face some of our inner sadness, stress or fear during the training, which many of us carry around in our daily life - yet we were guided to let it all transform naturally and blossom into the flower of inner peace.

I have tried many things in my life, but I can say with an honest heart, that this truly is an Authentic Healing Art which Jesse teaches. 
The things I learned about myself together with the other members,  is beyond what I could have ever expected. 

It was not something magical or unreal..
It was something true and raw - a connection to my very being.  I can only describe it with one word - Happiness.

To be clear, the Training Retreat did not cure all my troubles - but I was shown the way to the Medicine, and was given the tools i will need to get there.

I am more at peace now, I am happier and feel more complete In my practise and daily life, and I am so thankful for the gift of Taoist Practice, and for the friends and Tao Family I have met on this journey...
- Nisha, Sweden 

“The experience with Jesse and the Immortal Arts Community that met in 2019, was simply amazing and life changing...”

The experience was just down-to-earth REAL.  Since then I've learned the value of simplicity, sincerity and naturalness as inner qualities. 

Jesse's knowledge and experience both from his time in China studying Taoist Practice and from his personal healing journey are incredibly profound.  The teachings resonated deeply with me and surprised me in how elaborate and beautiful they were. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn, but rather than just consuming information, Jesse's approach to teaching is slow and gentle, allowing the learner to internalise rather than conceptualise. 

For me the training with Jesse was the missing link in my personal practice - Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy provided the central elements, provided the Center. The teachings are authentic, coming from a long lineage tradition, and powerful, without being forceful or unnatural to the practitioner. The instructions and techniques seem simple but they gain depth the more one practices. 

All in all I feel like I only scratched the surface of what the Immortal Arts System that Jesse teaches has to offer, but even that has made an enormous difference to my practice, adding clarity, balance and centeredness...

- Lancia, Spain







Members of the Teacher Training 2022 will have instant access to our Living Tao Online Training Program as well as our Earth and Sky Reconnection Learning Center - all of our lessons and forms will be archived online   - allowing you to begin your learning in Taoist Qigong and Longevity Breathwork as soon as you join.  You will begin to Awaken Your Inner Energy, learn the 8 Immortals TaoYin form training and also the Metal Element Qigong to begin preparation for the upcoming Teacher Training Program.  Our first lesson and Course Orientation will begin on March 5th, 2022.

By joining the Earth and Sky Reconnection Training 2022 - you will gain the following :  
  • Immediate Access to: 5 Unique Qigong Video Lessons and 5 Lectures on Practice with our Living Tao Program.  Guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by learning the 7 Star Qigong,  8 Immortal TaoYin and Metal Element Qigong Method.  
  • Immediate Access to: Earth and Sky Reconnection Online Learning Center - with 8 Videos demonstrating the Principle Taoist Qigong and Meditation Methods we will learn in this Training Program.   
  • Immediate Access to: Two Audio Files for streaming and download of Taoist Morning and Evening Prayer - each recording is one hour long, with beautiful sacred chanting, drums and bells - recorded live from Sacred QingCheng Mountain.  QingCheng Mountain is considered the birthplaces of Taoist Practice and is one of the most important Taoist centers in China.  These chants and prayers are very peaceful and centering, and a good aid in relaxation.
  • Starting March 5th, 2022 -  We will begin delivering over 23 LIVE LESSONS detailing the methods of: Taoist Qigong, Longevity Breathwork, Inner Alchemy Meditation,  Taoist Philosophy, Buddhism Ethics, and much more.  Lessons will be led by Jesse Lee Parker and Guest Teachers from March 5th, 2022.  Live Lessons will be given using the ZOOM Platform.  Lessons may be taken Live, or watched at your own pace from the Online Learning Center.  
  • Live Lessons will be Recorded, and kept in our archive in the Earth and Sky Reconnection Online Learning Center - so you may log in at any time and review past lessons at your own pace.


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