Taoist Practice in Ancient Times was called 'Tan Tao' - 丹道 - which means the Way of Developing the Immortal Elixir - the Refined Inner Energy - which arises and is developed in the Tan Tian Center over long term practice and application of Inner Alchemy Meditation. Tan Tao practice was the way of the Mountain Taoists - Mountain Mystics following the Way of the Immortals – This method had many secret ways of training the Dantian Center to enhance health, longevity and spiritual awakening. In modern times, we often refer to this type of training as 'Nei Dan Shu' or the Art of Inner Alchemy. These Ancient Methods of Inner Alchemy were a precursor to many of the modern styles of Qigong and Neigong which we find in the public. Our System of Taoist Practice which we teach, we refer to as - Immortal Arts Neigong - Immortal Arts Neigong cultivates and awakens the "Qi Energy" or Primordial Universal Energy step by step, in a systematic manner within the practitioner; Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe. When we have an abundance of Qi Energy, we gain Vital Health, Healing, Longevity, and feel a deeper connection with Life, Nature and all things...


Tao - Absolute Natural Principle

The Practice of the Immortal Arts Method will bring a Smooth and Harmonious flow of Qi Energy, which gives us greater health, healing and brings us close to the experience of the Great Tao.

Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life, all form and literally the very fabric of the entire universe – Qi Energy is something very close and intertwined with the Great Tao.  The Great Tao is the absolute natural principle which is the Root of all creation, movement, and transformation of the Universe.  Tao is the Root of all life and all things - large or small.

When we begin to Practice the Immortal Arts Method – we gain a Harmony with Qi Energy and we become aware of the present moment, and the change which takes place in all things – we experience life in a Way which is in harmony with the natural order of all things – giving us an ultimate experience of True Life Enhancement - and a Deep sense of Balance...


From the mists of time, mankind has been exploring what it means to be a human being in this world and how we can reach our greatest potential as individuals and as a collective. Among the most ancient of those inquiries of Self comes from the Taoist Tradition. For thousands of years, those studying and practicing the Great Way of Tao have passed on the wisdom they have gained through Meditation, Observation of Nature and the Awakening of Self.  We seek to pass on the Practice of Tao through our collection of traditional Taoist Practice : IMMORTAL ARTS METHOD.  Our learning takes place following a structured, step by step process - which begins with the Taoist Longevity Breath Work, Transformation of the Body and Opening of the Energetic system - guiding one to a Harmony with Nature.  In these Stages we will learn methods of traditoional Taoist Qigong, Neigong and Tao Yin methods.  The Final Stage of Practice guides one through the deep and profound work of Taoist Inner Alchemy, the Art of 'Nei Dan Shu'..  The ability to approach Self Transformation within the framework of an organised system, enables one to make constant and steady progress - moving forward in a defined direction - with observable results, progress and benefits.  

Discover the Deep and Profound Way of Tao - Enter the Way of IMMORTAL ARTS METHOD..


"The transformation I’ve experienced from learning the Immortal Arts has been incredibly supportive in my life.."

After having taught yoga for over ten years, and been practicing a variety of styles with a range of teachers since I was a child, I had been yearning for some guidance into more subtle and energetic approaches. I came across Jesse and the Immortal Arts Method and so resonated with the way Jesse relates these ancient Taoist Alchemical Practices in such an accessible way. 

It is clear that Jesse’s knowledge and embodiment of Taoist theory come with a lifetime of experience.. it is rare to find a teacher of this ancient wisdom from the East, who can be so relatable in our modern and westernised way of living, and hold such a complete system that fulfils all aspects of being a human (physical body, energetic, mental, emotional, vitality, longevity, and spirituality). I’ve never felt so adeptly guided in how to work with my internal energies.

The transformation I’ve experienced from the Immortal Arts Method has been incredibly supportive in my life.. If my structural body is the hardware, then my energetic body must be like the software. Qigong and Neigong Practice has allowed me to develop and nurture myself deeply from that energetic layer, and I realised that the software informs the hardware! From developing and nurturing the energetic aspects of myself, my body is feeling as vital as ever, and I’ve reached the most sustained level of calm and happy emotionally and centred mentally that I’ve ever felt. Since beginning learning the Golden Lotus Neigong my ability to be adaptable and be “in flow” in my relationships and life’s circumstances has improved dramatically. I am so thankful for that! I’m happy to now be sharing the goodness of the Immortal Arts Method with my own students and communities in Australia and abroad!

- Sally, Australia


The Immortal Arts Method follows an Ancient Formula of Taoist Practice - 'Cultivation of the Three Treasures'.  This Formula guides one through Three unique Stages of Development - the Physical, the Energetic, and the Spiritual - thus it is a complete approach to Holistic Development.  The Taoist School is unique in it's view, and they unite the Physical with the Energetic - and both the Physical and Energetic Systems are brought through a process of transformation.   The Transformation of the Physical is focused on the muscle, tendon, fascia, organ, and bone.  The Transformation of the Energetic System is focused in the beginning on the Dantian Center, the 8 Spiritual Vessels, 5 Energy Gates, and the related 12 Organ Meridian Network.  Through guided training, the Physical and the Energetic gain a Union and a Harmony - balancing all aspects of Self.  Truly a wonderful, Holistic approach to gain Harmony of Self and Nature.  A key and important foundation of all the work in the Immortal Arts Method revolves around the Training, Development and Transformation of the DanTian Center.  

This term - DanTian – 丹田 -  can be traced back to its origin in ancient China, and is related to the quest for Spiritual Immortality, Enlightenment, Longevity and Eternal Life.

DAN - 丹 - can be translated as - Elixir / Immortal Medicine / Inner Medicine.

TIAN - 田 - can be translated as the mysterious field of emptiness which lies between Heaven & Earth.

The DanTian or Field of Immortal Elixir is perhaps the most central concept and training method we may find in the Taoist Neigong, Meditation and Spiritual Arts of Ancient China.

This Energetic Cavity, or Center is the Source from which all Inner Energy is Awakened and Developed.  In the Foundation Training of the Immortal Arts Method, we teach specific methods and training forms to Awaken and Develop this Root Energetic Center - the DanTian - Field of Immortal Elixir - 








The Immortal Arts Method is a wonderful and detailed journey into the authentic way of Taoist Practice. The first learning begins with 3 Foundation forms - Golden Lotus / 8 Immortals / Iron Turtle. The Golden Lotus Neigong is a comprehensive seated form which works to open the meridian system and transform the fascia and tendon network of the body. Golden Lotus Neigong is so amazing in its design, and truly brings one to a great state of health, harmony, inner energy developmnent and inner peace. One special benefit of the Golden Lotus Neigong is the effect on the endocrine system and the metabolism - the practice balances the hormone system and brings one back to a youthful, vibrant and balanced state.  In Our Good Morning Tao Online Program, we Introduce key sections from the Golden Lotus Neigong Training, bringing one many wonderful health benefits, inner peace, and the Awakening of Inner Energy.


The Immortal Arts Method follows a very organised and exact system of training the breath, following the Ancient Principles of Taoist Practice.  Our Taoist Longevity Breath Training is divided into 9 Stages and each stage has specific and progressive techniques to follow.  The beginning process is the cultivation of the Subtle Breath - this is a process of refining, tuning and transforming the breath to become subtle and fine, like a single thread of silk.  In the First Level of Breath Training, we introduce 5 Unique Techniques to Follow which will Awaken the Subtle Breath, and guide one to the stage of Return to Childhood Breathing :

  • Stage 1 - Purification Breath -breath method to release the old, and draw in the fresh clean energy of nature.
  • Stage 2.- Natural Breath - drawing the clean and pure energy from nature into the body - literally tuning and balancing the breath following 'the Way of the Golden Mean'.
  • Stage 3.- Inner Nurturing Breath - combining the breath with a pure heart intention of kindness, compassion of self nurturing.  This is the first stage of beginning the process of Unification of Mind, Intention and the Breath.
  • Stage 4.- Dantian Breath - a combination of the Breath and the Mind unite in the root of the Dantian energy center - giving birth to the Inner Energy which heals, balances and rejuvenates.  The Dantian Breath work has Four unique levels one progresses through - each with specific techniques to follow.
  • Stage 5. Return to Childhood Breath - The State when the Dantian Breath becomes completely natural and present in daily life and in all activity.



There are Four Advanced stages in the Taoist Longevity Breath Work one will be taught after reaching mastery of the Return to Childhood Breath - this makes for 9 Unique Stages of Longevity Breath Training.      

The 4 Advanced Stages of Taoist Longevity Breath Training are:    

  • Stage 6 - Five Energy Gate Breath
  • Stage 7 - Small Heavenly Cycle Breath
  • Stage 8 - Golden Light Breath
  • Stage 9 - Inner Incubation Breath

Each of the 4 Advanced Stages has 3 levels of practice and technique - making a total of 12 different advanced training methods to progress through on the Path of the Second Level of Taoist Longevity Breathing.  The Inner Incubation Breathing, is the highest level one can reach in the Realm of Yogic Breath Work - literally returning to the Primordial Inner Breath.

Learn more about the Immortal Arts Method and Taoist Longevity Breath Training - please join our Online Program - Journey through the 5 Gates of Change - click below for more information - 

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