5 Energy Gates Qigong & Meridian Stretching


Empty yourself of Everything.....

Let the Mind rest at Peace.
Returning to the source is Stillness,
Which is the way of Nature.
~Lao Tzu

Internal Harmony = Smooth Energy Flow -
Gaining a flow of Smooth Energy, we may experience vital health and happiness:

The main focus in the practice of Taoist Qigong is the development and balance of ‘Qi’ Energy. Qi Energy can be viewed as ‘Universal Life Force’, and is the underlying essence of all life, development and creation.

When our Qi Energy is in balance, we experience more health, vitality, enhanced focus, greater memory, happiness and internal harmony.  When our Qi Energy is out of balance, we may experience fatigue, chronic pain, lowered immune response, irritability, and so on..... 

Leanring to work with your Qi Energy and bring your body's systems into balance is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself in life.

DANTIAN ~ Ocean of Vital Energy

The Dantian Center can be thought of as the original storage vessel of Qi Energy in our body. We may view it as serving the function much like the ‘root’ of a tree, or much like a ‘spring’ which is the source of water for a stream.

The Dantian Center supplies and develops Qi Energy for our entire energetic system, and physical body.

When we are able to have a healthy functioning Dantian Center , which is full of Vital Qi Energy, we may experience greater health, healing, inner peace and an enhanced physical vitality in our life.

Our first step we take in Awakening and Nurturing the Dantian is to place our Mind Intention to the area of the Dantian during our practice of Taoist Qigong and Meditation.

We may think of the location of the Dantian Center as being in the very core of our abdominal region slightly below the Navel, and as being a sphere of about the size of 3.8cm.  We can understand the Physical Location of the Dantian Center is the very point where we will connect to and experience Gravity when we walk, exercise or move our body....

Focus to that place with a Quality of Inner Peace and Harmony....

Connecting to your Dantian Center is a wonderful journey of connecting with yourself at a very deep and profound level, which leads to greater health...

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