Return to Spring - Huí Chūn Qìgōng


Huí Chūn Qìgōng can be directly translated as - Return to Spring Energy Skill – the word Spring here is a metaphor for youth, health and vitality - for easy understanding we can call this practice - Longevity Qigong.



In the above video, we demonstrate exercise number 6 of the Long Form which is named - 'Turning the Celestial Pillar' - 'Celestial Pillar' is a term used to describe the Spinal Cord, and also the Vertical Center of the Body which runs from the perineal muscle floor to the crown of the head. Hui Chun Qi Gong was developed to build up and fill the body with the life force energy (Qi) and to rebuild the vitality (Jing), Bringing the body and mind into balance - helping to extend life, build health and develop inner harmony.



The original name of Hui Chun Qi Gong is known as - Hua Shan Yang Sheng Hui Chun Qi Gong -  花山 养生 回春氣功. This Qigong was developed sometime during the Jin-Yuan period (1115 - 1368) by Hao Datong 郝大通 (1140-1213) the founder of the Hua Shan school of Taoist Practice. Throughout the history of its practice, Hui Chun Qi Gong was always taught under very strict, hidden and secret conditions – only taught  behind closed doors in the temples.  So we are very fortunate to have a complete system of Return to Spring Qigong.  Our style of Hui Chun Qigong has very unique Qigong Movements, Standing Meditations, and includes Qi Regulating Self Massage which are performed at the end of the form. It is a very complete and time tested Qigong which aids in health development and longevity. 

In our Community Workshop on March, 24 we will practice the Opening Movement to harmonize the 3 Dantian Centers and explore exercise number 6 of the Hui Chun Qigong – 'Turning the Celestial Pillar' . Turning the Celestial Pillar is wonderful for stretching the spine, strengthening the legs, opening the chest, and harmonizing the right and left sides of the body. Please check our link below to discover more about our upcoming Community Workshop Training  - 



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