Zi-Ran - the Tao of Nature

Human Kind follow the Way of Earth;
the Earth follows the Way of the Heavens;
the Heavens follow the Great Way of Tao.
Tao follows the Way of Nature....
- Lao Tzu
Zi-Ran – ( 自然 ) - is a key concept in Taoism that literally can mean "naturally; natural; spontaneously; freely; also it is used to refer to 'Nature' , and something which exists freely of itself. Zi-Ran is what is 'Natural' and the 'Natural World'. Ziran also has the nuance, to refer to and point to one's 'True Nature' or 'True Self’.
Zi-Ran – ( 自然 ) - is perhaps one of the oldest philosophical views from the Taoist School. Lao Tzu introduced the concept of Zi-Ran throughout many chapters in his work the 'Tao Te Ching' and it points in one way to something which exists that is opposite to all the things of the world which are artificial and man made....
Tao Fa Zi-Ran - ( 道法自然 )
' Tao follows the Way of Nature ‘
Tao Fa Zi-Ran is a very ancient and sacred saying and concept in the Taoist School – and is even chanted as a Sacred Mantra by many Taoists. Tao Fa Zi-Ran - ( 道法自然 ) can be translated as 'Follow the Way of Nature', 'Follow the Natural Way', or 'Tao follows the Way of Nature' , or also it can mean 'Tao is Nature.’
For the Taoist this is a main tenet to follow and truly a way of life and a way of Being.
For the Taoist to truly embody 'Tao Fa Zi-Ran' ,
it is a complete state of naturalness, harmony,
and unity with the Natural World...
Living from One's True Nature,
expressing One's True Self,
and embodying the State of Immortality...

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