Yin Yang - Law of Harmony


Yin Yang is the Way of Heaven & Earth..

The Fundamental Principle of All Things...

The Father & Mother of all Change and Transformation...

The root of Birth & Death...

~Huangdi Neijing - Su Wen

Learning the application of the Law of Yin and Yang Energy Transformation is a deep secret and key to understanding the practice of Taoist Qigong and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

We may think that within our human body the general principle of the harmony of Yin and Yang Energy, is that Yang Energy should be kept strong and dense so that the Yin Energy can remain in a calm, peaceful and gentle state. Yin and Yang as a theory expresses itself in all aspects of life, form, transformation and change.

Yin produces form / Yang produces energy.

Yin grows / Yang generates.

Yin is matter / Yang is energy.

Yin descends / Yang rises.

Yin is the structure / Yang is the function.

Yin is the body, blood and body fluids / Yang is the 'Ki' energy.

Yin is the right side / Yang is the left side.

Yin is North / Yang is South.

Yin contracts / Yang expands.

Yin is dark / Yang is light.

Yin is the moon / Yang is the sun.

Yin takes root in rest / Yang takes root in activity.


Yin expresses itself in the West with the setting of the sun /

Yang expresses itself in the East with the rising of the sun.

Yin expresses in water / Yang expresses in fire.

Yin is cool / Yang is hot.

Yin is great in the season of Winter

Yang is great in the season of Summer.


Within our human body,

we must have a complete balance of Yin and Yang to have health, vitality and harmony.

If Yin and Yang are not in harmony,

it will be like the spring without autumn

and winter without summer.

Therefore maintenance of the harmony of Yin and Yang is the best principle for maintaining our good health and enjoying a long life.

Ones spirit can only be in perfect order when Yin Energy is calm and peaceful and Yang Energy is solid and dense.  Balance is the key.

If the Yin Energy and Yang Energy can not join and combine in a harmony, the Vital Energy will have no foundation for growth and development.

The key to maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang Energy is living in accord with the seasonal changes of nature, and harmonising with the rhythm of time. 

When we begin to wish to live in harmony with the seasonal change of nature and the transformations of nature, daily practice of such things as: Qigong, Taoist Longevity Breathwork, Tai Chi Movements and Taoist Meditation is very important.

Life style is also important.  We must sleep and rise at the appropriate time, and also eat foods that are in harmony with the Yin Yang change that takes place in the seasons.



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