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The Dragon is an image we find in many forms of Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Nei Gong, Tao Yin and the Martial Arts. The Dragon in Taoist Culture is a Mystical Pure Yang Animal - one that is Heavenly, Spiritual and Auspicious. The Coiling Dragon form seen here is one section taken from our Golden Lotus form training in the TaoYoga Arts System.

The Dragons motion is typically expressed in Taoist Yoga & Qigong Practice as having the qualities of : Coiling / Spiraling -- Open / Close -- Up / Down -- In / Out... these patterns of movement are both internal and external - expressions of the Yin Yang theory, not as a concept, but as a tangible somatic experience.


Our Coiling Dragon Form shown here  in the above video can be seen to effect the Yin Energy Meridians in the legs, arms and also works to open the ascending Governing Vessel in the spine, and also the descending Conception Vessel in the front of the torso. The Opening of the Energy Meridian and creating a smooth, harmonious flow of the Qi Energy is a focus in the beginning Foundation Training of Taoist Yoga...

After the initial mastery of the movement is gained - the Taoist Subtle Breath Work is brought into play - and we begin to move through the process of unifying Body / Breath / Mind. The target to arrive at the Union of Body / Breath / Mind is an important view and understanding to bring into the realm of your practice. Training and proper use of the Breath and Mind within the physical practice is the point of differentiation between an External and an Internal approach to practice. When we properly apply the Internal Approach to Practice - then the Qi Energy will be brought onto the scene - thus transformation and change begins to occur...

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