Listen with the Heart


During the practice of Taoist Breath Work you shall look as if you were doing nothing on the outside, yet all things within the body are changing and transforming on the inside;

leading you to an internal state of Stillness,,
Tranquility and Complete Emptiness.

The situation shall come naturally through the proper practice of Tao Breath Training; without your consciousness being involved.

This state is not created by the use of the Mind, nor is this state imagined through Visualization.

Listening to the Breathing can lead you to a deep state of inner tranquility and clarity with all thoughts and mental motion coming to reside upon one single point, a single unified field of Pure Living Awareness - this is the Path to Return  to your Pristine Original Nature.

This Listening is not done with the Ears – 

this is a Listening done with the Heart…

Taoist Longevity Breathing

Return to Childhood Breathing – Awaken the Subtle Breath -

The Taoist Breath Work System we teach has 9 Unique stages one will progress through in learning and self development. The First 5 Stages are the foundation for the 4 Advanced Stages which follow.  The first 5 Stages are listed as follows - to understand this progression of Breath Training, the first three stages lay the proper foundation for the True Ability of Dantian Breathing, which begins the process of regaining Vital Essence and the Development of Vital Energy - leading to Rejuvenation and Self Healing. 

5 Stages of Taoist Longevity Breath Work

1.- Purification Breathbreath method to release old, stagnant energy, and to draw in the fresh clean energy of nature.  This stage also creates the condition for the beginning of releasing of any stored negative emotion, stress or trauma.

2.- Natural Breatha breath method which focuses on drawing the clean and pure energy from nature into the body for cleansing, purification and healing.  This stage also focuses on the process of 'Tuning' the breath - bringing balance and union of the Inhale and Exhale.

3.- Inner Nurturing Breathbreath method to combine the breath with our pure heart intention of love, kindness and compassion of self.  This is a stage where we gain awareness and train the Mind Intention and develop the balanced quality of Mind Intention, which begins to combine with the Breath.

4.- Dantian Breathbreath method to combine Pure Heart Intention and breath in the root of the Dantian Energy Center - creating the Inner Energy which will heal, refresh, and Rejuvenate the body.  This Inner Energy is also the substance which will travel through the Meridian system, removing blockage and obstructions - leading to the Open Meridian System.

5. Return to Childhood BreathThe State when Dantian Breath becomes completely natural and present in daily life, and the Inner Breath begins to appear - leading to a deeper quality of Inner Energy being developed.

Learn more about Taoist Longevity Breathing and our Tao Breath Work System, please check out our Online Program - Journey through the 5 Gates of Change

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