Foundations of Taoist Inner Alchemy – Neidan -




The Firing Process of Taoist Inner Alchemy -

with its advance and withdrawal, extraction and addition, increasing and decreasing - 

concentrates a year into a month, concentrating a month into a day, concentrating a day into an hour, concentrating an hour into one breath.

From the Ages of the World on the Macrocosmic Scale - down to a Single Breath on the Microcosmic Scale, everything has a Cyclic Movement.

Those who understand this Principle shall gain the Essence of the Active and  Passive Phases of the Alchemical Process... 

---  Li Dao Chun, The Book of Balance and Harmony

In the above practice session - Jesse will guide you in the Foundation Methods of Taoist Inner Alchemy. Taoist Inner Alchemy Practice is often called - Nei Dan - in the Chinese Language, and can be translated to mean - Inner Elixir Method - we may understand that Nei Dan Practice is an esoteric doctrine, which contains physical, mental, and spiritual practices that Taoist Adepts use to prolong their life span, harmonise with Natures  Cycles, Develop Inner Energy, and Create an Immortal Spiritual Body - which is not bound by the Physical World.

The most important thing to understand, is that we must prepare our body first, before seeking to dive into Nei Dan Practice.  Preparation Training can include such things as:  TaoYin Stretching Methods - to gain Transformation of the Tendon, Bones, Joints, Open the Spine, and also help to open the Energy Meridian System - Qigong Breath Training - to transform the Breath, bring a calm mental state of Inner Tranquility, and also begin to develop Inner Qi Energy.   

The Training Method we present here is taken from our - Golden Lotus Neigong Practice.   Breathwork is a very important aspect of successful practice when we are beginning.  You must work to gain the 'Subtle Breath' - this is a Breath that has  been brought into a state of balance between the Inhale and the Exhale - with no strong sound present, the Breath is not windy, and contains no force or rough nature. This is often termed as - 'Silk Thread Breathing' in the Taoist Inner Alchemy Terminology.

The movements and postures expressed in Taoist Practices such as TaoYin and Qigong, often will have the qualities of: Rising / Opening -- Descending / Closing -- Left / Right -- Up / Down -- all of these Qualities of Movement may be combined with the Spiralling Force, which will then creates various patterns. These patterns of movement are both Internal and External - we may think it is like an expression of the Yin Yang theory - not as a concept, but as a tangible Somatic and also Energetic Experience.

We seek to guide you on the Path of Taoist Practice, and share easy to follow and systematic training methods from the Traditional Taoist Arts of Qigong, TaoYin, and Inner Alchemy Meditation. Our lessons are based on over 30 years of experience - come train with us, and discover the wonderful world of the Taoist Immortal Arts…

We have an amazing Taoist Inner Alchemy Training Intensive course which will start in May of 2023 - please take a look here to read about the amazing course contents we will share in this special journey deep into the Heart of Taoist Inner Alchemy & Qigong  - 




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