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We will now be offering a new regular video lesson every month in the practice of the Neigong Training found in the Taoist Internal Martial Arts of:  Hsing Yi Chuan, Pa Kua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan.  These Neigong Lessons will be one part of the training curriculum of our Living Tao Live Online Training Program.  We will focus on training for health, longevity, strength development, flexibility, and mental focus.  We will at times also demonstrate the self defence and martial aspects of the systems when needed for learning and understanding of the practice methods.

Neigong, as a term, in the beginning refers to methods of Taoist Breath Training, and Training which transforms the Bone and Tendon Networks of the practitioner.  In the first stages of Neigong Training, the exercises are often very simple, repetitive movements, with a focus to Unify the Movement and the Breath together, in a state of Harmony.   At a Higher Stage, Neigong Training includes methods of specific Meditation Practice dealing with Concentration and also Dissolving into an Empty or No-Mind State.  The Higher Stages of Neigong also include the detailed practice of Inner Energy Development, and also what we may term 'Spiritual Practice', that is  derived from the Taoist Tradition.  Honestly though, such advanced and high level methods of Neigong are actually rare, hidden, and difficult to find in these modern times.  We strive to present the Neigong Methods we have found in our searching throughout Asia and China in an honest, grounded and down to earth way....



We especially find Neigong Practice in modern times within the Taoist Internal Martial Arts.  Nei - means the Inside, Inner or the Internal - Gong - means an organised system of practice, an art, or a method of self cultivation.  Nei Gong can be translated to mean - the Art or Way of Inner Development.  Here we understand the use of the term 'Inner' refers to the Inner Body of Energetic Centers, Meridian Channels, and the 'Qi' or Energetic Life Force itself.  Learning the in-depth methods to develop and train our Life Force Energy leads to a wide range of health benefits, emotional centering, and improved mental focus.  Neigong Training will literally enhance all aspects of your Life - if you can practice a little every day.  Regularity is the key to success....!



Neigong Training is commonly associated with the Three Internal Martial Arts of Hsing Yi, PaKua and Tai Chi. There are also Taoist Neigong Training Methods not related to the Martial Arts – such as those found in the Taoist Tao Yin Methods and also the Nei Dan or Inner Alchemy Meditation Training.

Neigong Training in the Internal Martial Arts emphasises the coordination of the individual's Body, and Mind with the Breath.  The Breath can be understood to be like the 'Bridge' to unify the Mind and Body together in a State of Union.  This is often known of as the Harmonisation of the Inner and Outer Energy (內外合一).  The repetition of the Neigong Methods can help to guide the student to this profound state of Union of Mind, Breath and Body.  Reaching such an experience is truly a profound attainment, and a peak experience in this journey we call Life...



In this monthly class offering, we will slowly begin to introduce Neigong Training Methods which focus  on developing greater health, flexibility, inner strength, mobility training and improving concentration.  We will learn a wide variety of Traditional and Time Tested methods of training and practice from the Three Schools of Hsing Yi, Pakua, and Tai Chi.

Our Lineage in the Internal Martial Arts stems from the following branches:

The the Art of Hsing Yi Chuan we practice is drawn from the Hebei North River Hsing Yi Chuan as was passed down from  Ancestor Guo Yunshen - also known as the Divine Fist Boxer. The Hebei North River Hsing Yi Chuan System was transmitted by Sifu Kenny Gong in his NYC  China Town school after his immigration to America from Mainland China.  We were fortunate to have studied privately under one of Sifu Kenny Gong's principle Disciples in Honolulu, Hawaii during the 1990's.  The Art of North River Hsing Yi is a principle focus in our personal practice and will lay the Foundation in our exploration of Nei Gong Training.   

The North River Hsing Yi System is a complete approach to cultivating the Internal Martial Arts.   It's approach to developing Inner Power, Qi Cultivation, Neigong Skill and developing the Internal 5 Elemental Powers is truly impressive, enlightening and inspiring.



Our PaKua Zhang Practice is derived and influenced from more than one lineage and includes : Swimming Dragon PaKua from the Cheng Ting Hua Lineage   // Gong Bao Tian PaKua from the Yin Fu Lineage  //  Yin Yang PaKua from the  Wudang Taoist Lineage.   Our Tai Chi Chuan practice stems from the Yang Family Lineage // Wudang Taoist San Feng Lineage //   Qing Cheng Taoist Mountain Lineage //  Silk Reeling Methods of Chen Family Lineage .  




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