Gate of Awakening



Nurturing Energy, forget words and guard it,

Conquer the mind, do non-doing.

The Human body is only Vitality, Energy & Spirit.

Vitality, Energy & Spirit ~ the 'Three Treasures'.

These Three Treasures are what makes up a human being,

and are at the very root of our health, vitality and spiritual expression.

~ Ancestor Lu DongBin

 HEALTH - Harmony of Energy

The main focus in the practice of Taoist Yoga is the development and balance of ‘Qi’ Energy.

Qi Energy can be viewed as the ‘Universal Life Force’, and is the underlying essence of all life, development and creation.

When our Qi Energy is in balance, we experience health, vitality, happiness and internal harmony.

When our Qi Energy is in a state of unbalance, we can experience sickness, emotional unbalance, chronic pain and fatigue.

The first aim of the practice of Taoist Yoga is to gain a smooth flow of Qi Energy, and an internal balance of Qi Energy, which gives one the experience of vital health, inner peace and harmony.

In our pursuit of health, vitality and healing through the practice of Taoist Yoga, the first step we take is the Awakening and Nurturing of the Dantian Area.

DANTIAN - 丹田 - Ocean of Vital Energy

The Dantian can be thought of as the original storage vessel of Qi in our body. We may view it as serving the function much like the ‘root’ of a tree, or much like a ‘spring’ which is the source of water for a stream.

The Dantian supplies and develops Qi energy for our entire energetic system, and physical body. The Dantian is also the place where we main gain a transformation of the Frequency of our Energy.

When we are able to have a healthy functioning Dantian , which is full of Vital Qi Energy, we may experience greater health, healing and vitality in our life.

Our first step we take in Awakening and Nurturing the Dantian is to place our Mind Intention to the area of the Dantian during our practice of the TaoYoga Arts System.

We may think of the location of the Dantian as being in the very center of our abdominal region slightly below the Navel, and as being a sphere of about the size of 3.8cm.

The Elixir Field ~ DanTien ~ 丹田 ~ is located in the empty space below the navel in the middle place between the kidney and navel — a sphere of around 3.8 cm.

The Dantian is the center most place in the human body.

An Energetic Center where energy develops which in turn powers the entire system of the Human Being -

In this regard, it is much like the source of a Spring,

where water continues to be produced and flows,

giving nourishment to all...

We may also liken the DanTian to be similar to the root of a tree.....

This term DanTian – 丹田 - can be traced back to its origin

in ancient China, and is related to the quest for spiritual immortality,

and an exceptionally long life.

- can be translated as to Elixir / Immortal Medicine / Inner Medicine

- can be translated simply as field / or

the field which is connected in harmony with heaven & earth.

The DanTien or Field of Immortal Elixir is perhaps the most central

concept and training method to the Taoist Yoga and also most

Chinese Spiritual Practices.

This Energetic Cavity, or Center is the Source from which

all Inner Energy is developed, stimulated, accumulated and transformed.

We may ask, 'Why is this termed the Field of Elixir’..?

To answer this question, we must gain an understanding of the

Taoist Yoga teaching of the 'Three Treasures'.

Within the Taoist Yoga doctrine,

it was found that we have 3 essential qualities that we depend upon:

'Jing', 'Qi', & 'Shen' – Vitality, Energy and Spirit...

Jing can be thought of as Vital Essence or Vitality, and is the foundation of all aspects of Physicality, Vitality, and also is responsible for our life span and expression of our life path or destiny – physically Jing often expresses itself in the water of our body, such as tears, saliva, blood, and sexual fluids – for simplicity of understanding, we may refers to this as our aspect of 'Soma'.

Shen can be though of as Vital Spirit and refers to Spirit, or the unifying foundation quality of our Nature - but in a simple way we may also relate it to 'Psyche'. As a Human Being, our root aspect we may refer to as True Nature – in front of our True Nature is our 'Shen' – in front of our Shen is our 'Heart' – in front of our Heart of Mind and Intention Follows....

All are related, and connected – it is a holistic pattern of natural expression....

Qi is Vital Universal Energy, literally the Life Force which empowers and enlivens all things large and small.  We can come to understand that Qi Energy shall be the Unifying Force, which acts as a Unifying Energy Field which will unite the Psyche and Soma together - which in modern terms is spoken of as the unification and harmony of Mind and Body.

Awaken and Develop the Dantian Center – it is a Gateway to profound mystery, and the Root to gaining Vital Health, Healing and Longevity...

Return to the Root – Journey back to the very beginning –

Cultivate the Dantian – Field of Immortal Elixir...


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