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The Immortal Arts Method - a modern day approach to Taoist Neigong and the Art of Inner Alchemy - bringing one to greater health, healing, harmony and leading one to the Discovery of True Self.

During the Practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy - we use three aspects of Self -

Our Body, Mind and Breath.

The Mind is something that becomes clear, sharp and more focused the longer we continue the practice - this means that our ability in Focus or the ability to Concentrate our Intention and keeping to the Center of our Dantian improves.

If we look at the process of learning the Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy - we may see that there are forms, postures, shapes and combinations of movements that we practice.

The movements and shapes follow a unique pattern - they are circular -

Circular movement and physical shapes aid in the development and smooth flow of Healing Energy. To create these shapes and movement patterns in our practice - we must use the mind and our ability of concentration - as we follow this process, we move through an experience that eventually leads one to what is termed - Present Moment Consciousness - which will then lead to the deeper experience of Emptiness or - ‘No-Mind’….

This process of bringing the Mind and Body into a Union is facilitated by the Inner Energy, which is much like a bridge or a funnel that enables the combination of "Soma' and 'Psyche' to take place.

If we outline this process - it can be listed as:

  • Mind Creates the Form

  • Form leads the Mind / Mind follows the Form

  • Enter the State of No-Mind…

1. Mind 'creates' Form...

This is a stage of learning movement patterns / shape of the posture and engaging in repetition of practice of the forms. At this stage after some time of repetition, the posture, form or movement becomes memorized and natural -- meaning you can do the movement or posture without any thought, concept or memory process -- it has become 'natural', 'effortless', and the body and form begins to lead the mind.

2. Form leads the Mind / Mind follows Form

This is a stage of engaging in practice / movement / posture - when through repetition - it has become completely natural. You do a movement and it is like a meditation - your mind is centered and rests with the form. The movement / pose / actions lead the mind and the mind follows the movement / pose / action. A combination of the Mind and Form begin to take place.

3. Enter No-Mind...

This is the stage which arises after some time of 'Form leads Mind' and 'Mind follows Form'. At this Stage, there is No Form and there is No Mind. Mind and Form stop to exist. What does this mean...? It means no separation. The Mind and Form combine to become a Unity. It is a state of Oneness - a complete Harmony. At higher levels of this Stage, one will feel as if they begin to combine with Nature and the Universe…

When all Thought and Thinking has come to a Rest, this is when the Journey has truly begun...

'Before Enlightenment, the mountain is a mountain and a valley is a valley. On the road to Enlightenment, a mountain is no longer a mountain and a valley is no longer a valley. After Enlightenment, a mountain is seen as a mountain, and a valley is seen as a valley again.’

With Real Practice, we may gain Personal Experience.

With Personal Experience, we may gain Self Knowledge.

With Knowledge of Self, we may gain insight of Tao...

Gaining insight of Tao,

we may journey back to the Source of all Things...

Returning to the Root of our True Self...

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